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7 Cleaning Uses for Your Pressure Washer

7 Cleaning Uses for Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washers or power washers are some of the most effective hard-core cleaning tools out there.

They can tackle just about cleaning task with the power of pressurized water. There are many surfaces that a pressure washer can be used to deal with stubborn stains and grime.

1) Fences – Vinyl and Wood

Cleaning fences is one of the more popular uses for pressure washers because so many people have fences in their yards and want them to look nice.

The main thing to keep in mind when you are cleaning vinyl and wood surfaces is that you should use a low-pressure nozzle tip to avoid damaging the material.

2) House Exteriors – Siding and Brick

Houses get much dirtier than most people would think.

Whether a house has vinyl or brick siding, cleaning it with a pressure washer will make a visible difference. Just like with fences, when cleaning the siding of a house, make sure to use the appropriate nozzle, so you don’t damage the side of it.

If a home has been painted, make sure you use a very low-pressure nozzle because siding paint can come off very easily under pressure – especially if you are using a high powered model.

3) Concrete and Brick

Harder surfaces are another general area where pressure washers are useful for cleaning.

Using a high-pressure nozzle will make this job fast and easy (and fun). You will likely not need anything with an angle less than 15-degrees. As always, start with a larger angled nozzle and work your way down if necessary.

4) Outdoor Grills

As any grill user knows, the grime and slime of cooking can build up very quickly and is not enjoyable to clean.

Pressure washers make cleaning a grill much easier and faster.  Be careful though because you may get some splash back and don’t want to get all that grit, grime and grease on you.

Keep in mind that some grills will need to be unplugged or disconnected from tanks or gas lines before being pressure washed.

5) Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can build up quite a bit of grime over time because it sits outside 24/7.  It will collect mildew, pollen, dust, and other air-borne particles.

Pressure washing furniture does not require a powerful pressure nozzle as the material is not typically super strong, and the grime is not overly set in.   Be especially careful on fabric or sling back style chairs.  You can tear them easily if you use too strong of a nozzle.

6) Vehicles

All vehicles need a good bath and a pressure washer is a perfect machine for the job.

Pressure washers can not only tackle the regular grime of the road or water, but it can also handle the tougher tasks. Cars and motorcycles can get rust buildup on the underside that can be difficult to deal with, but a pressure washer can take care of pesky metal deterioration.  Just be careful to not take off too much or “inject” water into the metal further.  I would recommend painting the area to prevent future rusting.

7) Lawn and Farm Equipment

Lawn equipment can get major grass build up that is difficult to remove by hand.

Cleaning the underside of your mower deck is pretty easy with the right pressure washer.  Plus a clean mower deck will cut better and keep your yard looking better than the neighbors.

Farm equipment is used for many jobs that there’s no telling what gets caked on. Either way, a pressure washer is up for the job of cleaning all equipment.

The main thing to keep in mind when cleaning with a pressure washer is how strong of a stream (pressure) you want for the specific job.

Some pressure washer nozzles produce such an intense stream of water they can severely damage the surface you are trying to clean. So, when you are first starting a job, select a wider angle nozzle and start spraying at a distance.

Once you find the correct nozzle, your pressure washer will handle the rest!