Best Wheelbarrows & Garden Carts

What are the Best Wheelbarrows & Garden Carts? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It’s no secret that yard work and lawn care takes a lot of tools, supplies, and physical excursion. It can quickly take its toll on your body, especially your back if you don’t have the proper equipment. That’s where a wheelbarrow comes in!

Few tools are more helpful than a good wheelbarrow. They are the best tools for lawn work and gardening if you want to save your back and other muscles from strains and pulls.

There are many items that you can move around including soil, compost, mulch, fertilizer, plants, tools, weeds, and much more.

Are you ready to buy one of your own? If so, keep reading this guide for everything you need to know!

Our Wheelbarrows & Garden Carts:

Wheelbarrow Reviews

1) WORX WG050 Aerocart

WORX Aerocart WG050 Wheelbarrow


  • ​Instantly convertible to a wheelbarrow, bag holder, yard cart, plant, and rock mover, or trailer tote
  • Convenient fold-out extension arm perfect for carrying very small trees, flower pots, straw bales, mulch bags, or other awkward, oversized items
  • Handles very large loads well


  • ​Too lightweight for commercial use
  • Took quite a bit of effort to push on upward slopes

The WORX Aerocart Multifunction has it all – a unique Turbo Lift design, which manages to make a 200-pound load feel like a 17-pound load, with a volume capacity of 3 cubic feet. It has a durable all-steel construction, as well as a patented 2-wheel design that adjusts the center of gravity for an easy-to-manage load.

Although the WORX Aerocart has a smaller capacity than most competitors, it’s a great back saver, since it carries its load lower. It’s a snap to assemble, and it’s built like a tank. The wheels never go flat, and it’s easily transformable from a wheelbarrow to a more conventional dolly.

This product can be transformed into a cylinder holder by clipping it into the frame. Oversized round objects like barrels, buckets, water jugs, and trash cans are moved easily, without any fear of them rolling off.

The WORX Aerocart multifunction can also become a bag holder. Just snap the included piece onto the cart’s main frame to carry leaf and lawn bags. Both hands will be free to work. When you’re finished loading the bag, you can roll it directly out to the curb, or anywhere else you desire.

I love this product, I own one myself and use it all the time!

2) Gorilla Carts GOR4PS

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS


  • Instant release feature and the padded handle makes dumping very easy
  • Heavy duty wheelbarrow with durable poly material and can withstand carrying 600 pounds of materials as well as dumping 300 pounds of materials
  • Comes with a one year warranty to ensure you get your money’s worth


  • Several users reported that it was difficult and time-consuming to assemble
  • The plastic bin breaks or bends rather easily

The Gorilla Carts GOR4PS is best for a variety of home and contractor wheelbarrow uses. It has a 600-pound carrying capacity and a sturdy frame. With the quick-release dumping feature and padded handle, this product is simple to unload.

Since the tray is made out of durable poly material, it is rust-resistant and easy to maintain. And with four pneumatic tires, the weight is evenly distributed and glides over any kind of terrain.

The Gorilla Carts GOR49S is definitely a heavy duty model that is best for a variety of uses and is a good choice for either home or commercial use.

3) Ames Easy Roller Yard Cart

Ames Easy Roller Yard Cart


  • 46 inches high, it’s tall enough to keep you from having to bend to retrieve items out of it
  • There is an integrated tool tray to keep small items handy while you work
  • 4-foot cubic capacity and four-wheel design makes it easy to maneuver


  • Some users have reported that the plastic parts are very easy to break
  • Plastic tires don’t work very well on bumpy terrain

The Ames Easy Roller is best for anyone who can’t lift a lot of weight or bend over very far. It is 46 inches high and weighs only 22 pounds, making it tall and light enough for just about anyone to use easily.

Certain features like the integrated tool tray and wide wheels make this model a must-have. It keeps your items handy and you won’t have to worry about its stability while maneuvering around a residential yard.

As an added bonus, it arrives fully assembled!

4) Landworks Powered Utility Cart Hand

Landworks Powered Utility Cart Hand


  • It is battery powered so it is quiet and more eco-friendly than gas-powered carts
  • The batteries charge fast and provide enough power to easily maneuver it over any kind of terrain
  • The batteries last 2-5 hours after a full charge


  • You have to be careful to not overcharge or overuse the batteries or else they will go bad
  • With all of its technology and power, it is on the pricey side

The Landworks Powered Hand Truck is a powerful battery-powered cart that can withstand a wide variety of uses. However, with all of the machinery and technology on this product, it weighs 140 pounds.

It can hold up to 500 pounds of materials and easily moves over any kind of terrain. When it comes to the batteries, they charge fast and last 2-5 hours after a full charge.

While it is certainly on the expensive side, it is well worth the money if you find yourself needing to constantly push or pull heavy items. It is even best as a steel tray contractor wheelbarrow as it is relatively heavy duty.

5) Marathon 2 Tire Wheelbarrow

Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow


  • This wheelbarrow is easy to assemble and it comes with straightforward instructions
  • The connected loop handle is ergonomic and easy to push, pull, and dump
  • Two-wheel wheelbarrows are great for maneuvering over any terrain


  • Some users have complained that the different parts of this wheelbarrow are not high quality
  • This wheelbarrow cannot handle heavy duty work

The Marathon dual-wheel residential wheelbarrow is on my best list for several reasons. With an ergonomic loop handle and a dual-wheel design, this wheelbarrow is simple to push and does not put any extra strain on your back or muscles.

With two tires, this wheelbarrow is easily maneuverable over rough and bumpy terrain. Not to mention, it is lightweight and perfect for moving small to medium-sized loads that aren’t too heavy.

Since it is easy to assemble and reasonably priced, the Marathon dual-wheel wheelbarrow is best for just about anyone to use for home and garden projects.

6) Simplay3 Easy Haul Wheelbarrow

Simplay3 Easy Haul Wheelbarrow


  • Easy tilt design and grip handle make loading and unloading this wheelbarrow a snap
  • Storage tray is included to keep tools and drinks within reach
  • The wheels have roto tough treads that make it glide over any terrain


  • It is low to the ground and could easily strain your back
  • Some users have reported that the assembly instructions are hard to follow

The Simplay3 Easy Haul Wheelbarrow is a great small wheelbarrow to use in your home garden. It has two plastic wheels with roto tough treads that make it perfect for pushing and pulling through dirt and gravel.

The two grips on the handle make it simple to move this lightweight wheelbarrow. With the included tool tray, you can even keep all your tools and even a drink within arm’s reach at all times.

While it is low to the ground, the Simplay3 Easy Haul Wheelbarrow still holds 4 cubic feet of materials and has a flat floor to keep everything nice and level.

7) Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Cart

Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Cart


  • The sides of this crate fold down to transform it into a heavy duty flatbed
  • Sturdy rubber tires allow it to go anywhere you need it to
  • The D-style handle makes it easy to push and pull


  • It is low to the ground and would require bending to unload
  • Some users have reported that it is easy to rust

The Sandusky Lee CW3418 is a great multipurpose cart that can carry up to 400 pounds. It features removable crate sides that transforms it into a flatbed card so it can carry loads of different sizes.

It is capable of hauling heavy loads with its pneumatic rubber tires that are efficient on any terrain. While it does weigh 45 pounds, the D-style handle makes pushing or pulling it easy.

The SCW3418 is great for commercial or residential yard use, as long as bending to unload is not a problem.

How I Rated the Wheelbarrows

I have used many different kinds of wheelbarrows over the years, so I know a thing or two about what makes one worth purchasing. I have also researched tons of models and reviews to find the best ones currently on the market.

I considered every aspect for this guide. Aspects like size and carrying capacity, how easy they are to maneuver, and how durable they are played a large part in how I rated them, as well as price, material, and reliability.

I hope the wheelbarrow reviews will help you make an informed decision. Read on for more information on what to consider when researching the best wheelbarrow for your needs.


The first aspect I considered was size and capacity. These yard tools come in all different shapes and sizes and the amount they can carry or haul depends on the size and that is measured by the cubic feet.

The amount of space you need really depends on what you want to use it for. For instance, a smaller model is great if you just need a cubic foot or two. If you need it for larger jobs, you will need more cubic feet than a small wheelbarrow. A general all-purpose size is around 6 cubic feet.

However, if you need one with more cubic feet, you’ll also need more strength to control it as it will need to be larger and heavier. Since it’s ease of use and carrying capacity is somewhat dependent on its cubic size, these two characters were considered together, as well as its price since a larger tub means more material and more money.

Ease of Use

There are many different factors that make a wheelbarrow easier or harder to use. Characteristics like multiple wheels, the material it’s made out of, and easy to use handles make it more natural to push or pull than one made out of heavy material with basic handles and one wheel.

While those that were easier to use are preferable over those that aren’t, they sometimes come with a higher price tag.

When rating the best wheelbarrows and carts, I looked for ones that were best at being simple to use without being too expensive.


Before a wheelbarrow even made the final list of reviews, I made sure to double-check its price against features. As we all know, more features usually means more money. Materials, reliability, and durability play a part in the price, as well.

However, that doesn’t mean all good models will cost you an arm and a leg. I want you to get the most for your money, so the price was a big consideration of mine when I was rating these products.

The models that provided more characteristics for a lower price were best compared to those that were cheap with fewer options or those who were expensive for multiple features.


The most common materials you’ll see are plastic and steel which generally make up the tray and the frame.

Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks and there isn’t necessarily one that is better than the other. The best wheelbarrow material really depends on your needs and preferences.

Since needs vary so much, I looked at each model individually to determine if it was made with quality materials that help with other features like making it easier to maneuver, helping it last longer, or requires less maintenance.


Wheelbarrows and garden wagons see a lot of action and they often carry a heavy load. That means they are prone to breaking and needing repair, especially if they are not made with durability in mind.

No matter what you plan on using a wheelbarrow for, it’s best if it is heavy duty and holds up to everything you put it through – hence why durability is so important. When rating the models, I examined how durable they were in a number of circumstances.

From weather to heavy rocks, I looked to see if they could withstand it all. More importantly, I also looked at the durability in comparison to the price.

For instance, a wheelbarrow with a cubic foot steel tray contractor-grade is very durable, but it would also weigh more and take more effort to use.

I tried to find the best wheelbarrows that were durable without compromising on these other features when rating them.


For some people, the weight of a wheelbarrow is not an issue. However, for anyone who has back problems or isn’t strong enough to lift an entire wheelbarrow, it needs to be lightweight.

The weight of a wheelbarrow can affect how simple it is to use and the weight is usually affected by the materials it is made out of. It’s almost impossible to consider one without the other and that’s why all the aspects go hand in hand.

When rating the products, I took how all 3 of these features worked together into consideration. I looked for ones that were durable yet lightweight enough to be simple to move around.

Maintenance Requirements

Any kind of outdoor tool is going to require maintenance from time to time. However, that does not mean that it should constantly be needing repairs in order to function properly.

Some things that influence the kind of maintenance a wheelbarrow requires includes its materials, how much you use it, and what you use it for. I took into consideration how much each could go through without needing repairs during the rating process.

I also looked at how much work is required to maintain proper functioning order. Those that require minimal effort to perform well are ranked higher than those that took needed lots of maintenance.

Reliability (Warranty)

Along the same lines of durability, you want your wheelbarrow to withstand whatever you put it through no matter what you use it for. It does no good to you if it is constantly getting a flat tire or losing parts. That’s why its reliability is so important.

When rating, I looked at how reliable they were in a number of circumstances without compromising other features such as ease of use, capacity, or price.

Those that were reliable while still maintaining a decent price point and were easy to use ranked higher than those that compromised on these features. It’s best to get a wheelbarrow that also includes a warranty, so those ranked higher, as well.


When choosing the best garden cart or wheelbarrow, keep in mind that both tools will help you to transport heavy loads by distributing the total weight of the load over the wheels.

The type you should buy depends on numerous factors. Not only what you will be using it for but also your own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you have back problems, a wheelbarrow may be too hard to dump and you may have an easier time with a cart.

If you’re having trouble deciding, keep reading for a breakdown on the differences between each one and their benefits.


A wheelbarrow usually includes 1 or 2 wheels in front and a sloped tray. It is easily maneuverable, even though it has to be pushed (watch out for those holes, though!). And to empty a wheelbarrow, it usually has to be lifted and dumped.

If you already know that you want to buy a wheelbarrow, you will still have to decide what kind of features you want on it. For instance, do you like one wheel or two? Should those wheels be big and wide? Pneumatic? Tubeless? Do you prefer a lighter plastic tub or a sturdier steel wheelbarrow? What kind of handles do you like?

Some other things that you need to consider before buying a wheelbarrow are the circumstances you will be using it in and any problems you may have.

Consider the below questions before you make a purchase.

How large is your garden or lawn area? If pushing a big wheelbarrow is no problem for you, look for one with a larger capacity, so your trips will be reduced.

What’s the topography of your property? If you’re dealing with an incline, then a wheelbarrow is your choice. Garden carts are good for rocky, uneven terrain.

Do you have any problems with bending? If you do, then you might be happier with a tilt-and-dump wheelbarrow. If you have problems with walking or lifting, your best bet will be a cart.

Garden Cart

A garden cart features straight sides, a flat bottom, and 2 or more wheels. It functions best when pulled over a relatively smooth surface, although its large wheels can handle some holes in the ground. Carts can carry more than wheelbarrows, and they tend to be more stable.

If you are set on buying a yard cart, you should know what features you are looking for in one. For instance, are you looking for a small, medium, or large model? Do you need a dump feature? Do you want one that has removable side panels? Do you want it to be made out of steel or plastic?

There are also several different kinds of garden carts that you can choose from. A utility cart has 4 metal or steel (removable) sides and is pulled with a long handle. They’re great for moving awkward-sized, bulky loads like fertilizer, wood chips, plants, or dirt.

A dump cart is good for hauling grass, firewood, fertilizer, or soil that will need to be dumped. This can save you a lot of back strain. And a flatbed without sides is perfect for hauling irregularly shaped items.

There are some more things you need to consider before purchasing a gardening cart. Things like your own preferences, as well as the way you will be using it, are very important.

Consider the following questions before making your final choice.

Do you have any difficulty walking or lifting? It might be easier for you to pull than push a wheelbarrow. Garden carts have straight sides and flat bottoms, and they have a lower bed which will make getting things into and out of it easier for you. If you have trouble with bending, you may want a wheelbarrow.

What’s the topography of your property? If your garden area is rocky or has some bumpy terrain, opt for a cart. If the terrain of your lawn is on an incline, a wheelbarrow may be more beneficial.

Number of Wheels

Depending on whether you want a wheelbarrow or a cart, you could end up with one, two, or four wheels. Wheelbarrows will have one or two wheels while a garden utility wagon will usually have two or four.

Wheels on a wheelbarrow are either single or dual. How many wheels there are combined with the material they’re made out of and their shape will determine how simple your wheelbarrow is to use.

Single wheels can provide you with wider mobility, but you’ll need greater strength to move and control them. Dual wheel models don’t require as much strength to control and can carry a bigger load, but they are not as mobile as a single wheel.

If your plan is to carry around light gardening supplies, a single-wheeled barrow is a good choice. If you’re planning to transport heavy rocks, a two-wheeled wheelbarrow might be the better choice.

For carts, the two-wheeled carts will provide better mobility than those with four wheels. And while a two-wheeled cart provides a little more stability than a one-wheeled wheelbarrow, a four-wheeled model provides much more stability and is the right choice if you are planning moving hundreds of pounds.

Tire Types

There are three different types of tires that you’ll find: pneumatic, plastic, and airless.

Choose air-filled tires, if you want a nice, easy push. Foam-filled or solid tires can be better for a rougher terrain because they’re larger sized but do require more strength to push.

Keep reading for more information on the different types of tires you may come across, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.


Pneumatic tires are filled with air. In fact, they are a lot like car tires. They absorb impact and provide a smooth ride, so they are great for bumpy terrain.

One thing to keep in mind is that they do require you to check the air pressure pretty regularly, like with car tires, to ensure that they don’t go flat and cause damage.


Plastic tires are perhaps the cheapest and lightest tire option for wheelbarrows and carts, but they are not as efficient as your other options. In fact, they do not absorb shock like pneumatic tires and are not as durable as steel or rubber.


Airless tires are exactly how they sound. They do not require air to work. In fact, there isn’t even an air tube which means that they can’t go flat.

Because of that, airless tires are great for rocky terrain that would potentially damage pneumatic tires. But, they may also be tougher to pull or push compared to other types of tires.

Tub Material

The bin on your wheelbarrow or carts consists of two different parts: the frame and the tray. The frame is what supports the tray and the tray is where you will be placing whatever you are hauling.

You’ll want to get a frame made out of a material that’s sturdy enough to support the tray, like steel. If you live in an unpredictable climate, purchase a wheelbarrow with a weather-resistant frame. A strong tray will also contribute to the longevity of the wheelbarrow. 

There are two different kinds of materials that are most common: plastic and metal.

As with many of the features, each type of material has its own benefits and drawbacks that are listed below.


Plastic creates a bin that is lighter and easier on the back. It won’t rust like steel will, but it might crack because of either extreme cold or too heavy a load. It also does not withstand loads that are as large or heavy as a steel bin can withstand.

Plastic trays work better for lighter gardening activities, but they can crack under stress or because of the weather. You may decide to buy a wheelbarrow with a plastic bin because it is cheaper than a steel, but it might not last as long.


Steel trays are stronger and can handle additional weight, making them more heavy-duty than plastic bins. Even a single cubic foot steel tray will last longer. However, steel bins are heavier and can be hard to unload. Not to mention, a steel bin can easily rust and should be kept inside when not in use.

Many people prefer a wheelbarrow with a steel frame because steel frames are so strong. Steel trays are beasts for weight handling but will make your barrow heavier and they are prone to rust.


The main way a wheelbarrow is ergonomic is in its handles. Handles vary from model to model and their different shapes, sizes, and uses can reduce the strain on your body.

Handles on traditional wheelbarrows are designed to furnish high maneuverability for people with a good amount of upper body strength. If that’s not you, there is a wide assortment of handles available to make the use of a wheelbarrow much easier.

Ergonomic handles on a wheelbarrow are usually closed and single-bar handles. They are much easier to push or pull than traditional straight handles. Any wheelbarrow with these handles would be a great option for anyone of older age or anyone how has a bad back or little to no upper body strength.

There are also wheelbarrow handles that look similar to traditional straight handles, but with an added grip on the end, making it easier to hold. These types of handles are easier to use than traditional ones but not as easy as closed or single-bar handles.

Maintenance Tips

Any kind of outdoor tool will require maintenance from time to time. Keeping up with regular service of your wheelbarrow with these helpful tips ensures that it will last you a long time.

For starters, the tub of your wheelbarrow should be cleaned regularly. There are two good methods to accomplish this.

Method number one is to clean out the tub with water, from a hose that has good pressure. Leave it out to dry thoroughly in the sun before putting it away. Method number two involves scraping off as much dirt as possible, following up with a wire brushing.

Next comes the axles. It is common for axles can seize up at times. It’s important to keep a grease gun full of lithium grease (one that can apply lubricant deeply into the axle’s bearings) in your tool shed.

Every 2-3 months, fit the grease gun’s nozzle onto the axle grommet and shoot several squirts of grease into the bearings. Make sure to clean off old grease that might spurt out from the axle.

Now for the tires. Tires deflate – that’s one of the laws of nature. If your wheelbarrow tires have tubes, they can be repaired using a standard repair kit.

First, remove the tube. Second, cover any holes with cement and rubber patch. Let it dry, and then replace the tube.

If your wheelbarrow has a tubeless tire, fill up your tire with air from an air compressor so you’ll be able to locate the hole.

Then, take the reamer from a plug repair kit, and push it into the tire hole to rough up the edges a bit. Next, take your rubber plug and press it approximately halfway through the applicator tool’s slot.

Afterward, coat the rubber plug with some rubber cement. The next step is to pull out the reamer. Cut any excess rubber plug off, using side-cutting pliers to make sure it’s level with the tire. Fill the plugged tire with air and you’re good to go!

Difference Between Expensive & Cheap Models

At the end of the day, both the cheap and expensive wheelbarrow models do the same thing: they help you haul materials around your yard. In fact, you can actually get a nice wheelbarrow for under $100

The only things that seem to vary between models are the materials they are made out of, how heavy duty they are, how much they can hold, and how long they last. But just because a wheelbarrow is cheaper than others does not mean it is of lesser quality.

For instance, cheaper products tended to be made out of plastic because it is a cheaper material than steel. They are quality wheelbarrows, but they tend to need replacing sooner than steel because plastic breaks much easier. It didn’t have anything to do with its quality or craftsmanship.

When I took the price into consideration, it wasn’t the only thing I looked at. I looked at its price alongside everything else about the wheelbarrow to ensure it was worth its price tag.

Best Rated Brands

  • Ames
  • Gorilla Carts
  • Oregon
  • True Temper
  • Polar Trailer
  • WORX
  • Landworks
  • Marathon
  • Simplay3
  • Sandusky Lee
  • Golden Star

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

What you will pay for a wheelbarrow depends on the features you are looking for. There is a wide variety of them on the market at a wide category of prices.

If you are looking for a standard wheelbarrow, you could end up paying $60-$120. An even smaller one could cost you only $40. If you want one that is more durable and can serve a number of purposes, you may pay anywhere from $140-$180.

And if you want something really fancy, like a battery-powered cart, you could pay upwards of $500.

As you can see, there is no definite price for a wheelbarrow. If you are looking for certain features, you should keep in mind that it will be reflected in the price.

However, if you are just looking for a run of the mill wheelbarrow with no particular features, you can let your budget determine which one you get.


Question: Why is it called a wheelbarrow?

Answer: Wheelbarrows get their name from the words “wheel” and “barrow.” The “wheel” in wheelbarrow comes from the wheel that is used to propel the device forward. “Barrow” comes from an Old English word, “bearwe,” which was a word for a device used to carry loads.

So, wheelbarrow simply means a wheeled device to carry loads.

Question: How wide are wheelbarrows?

Answer: Wheelbarrows come in many different shapes and sizes. You could find one particularly narrow if you need it, or you could find one that is extra wide.

However, most measure from 18 to 25 inches wide. This allows you to carry a lot of stuff while still moving easily.

Question: What size is a standard wheelbarrow?

Answer: Wheelbarrow size is usually measured by the cubic foot. Standard wheelbarrow sizes for residential use are usually 2 to 3 cubic feet. And contractor wheelbarrows tend to be about 6 cubic feet.

In specific measurements, a standard wheelbarrow is approximately 28 inches wide, 35 inches long, and 10 inches deep.

Question: How heavy is a wheelbarrow full of concrete?

Answer: The weight of a wheelbarrow full of concrete depends on many factors, like how much concrete your wheelbarrow can hold and what materials it is made out of. But a general rule of thumb is one contractor-grade wheelbarrow full of concrete is likely to weight about 400 pounds.

Question: How many shovels does it take to fill a wheelbarrow?

Answer: The number of shovels it takes to fill your wheelbarrow depends on how big your wheelbarrow is and how high you heap your shovel scoops. However, on average, you can expect 1 cubic foot of your wheelbarrow to take 5 to 6 scoops of a shovel to fill.

Question: How many wheelbarrows are in one yard of concrete?

Answer: The amount of wheelbarrows in a yard of concrete depends on the size of your wheelbarrow and how much concrete it can hold at once.

If you are working with a contractor-size wheelbarrow, you can expect it to take about 9 loads for 1 yard of ready-mix concrete. It will take more loads if you have a smaller, residential wheelbarrow.

Question: How do you measure wheelbarrow wheels?

Answer: Wheelbarrow wheels are measured starting with the diameter of the tire. Measure the diameter of the wheel and then take the tape measure and run it through the middle of the hub to measure the hub.

Next, check the bearing size by measuring the inner diameter of the metal on the side of the hub. These three measurements will ensure you get the best fitting tires.


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After careful consideration of many different wheelbarrows, my choice for the best wheelbarrow is the multifaceted WORX Aerocart.

I love this product!

With the WORX Aerocart, you don’t have to worry about selecting either a wheelbarrow or a cart. This ingeniously designed product transforms instantly into one of 8 tools. The WORX Aerocart carries up to 300 pounds with a minimum of effort, making it the best one on this list.

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