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EGO Power+ CS1600 Brushless Chainsaw Review

EGO Power+ CS1401 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included, Black
  • Speed: 6800 rpm
  • Chain kickback brake
  • Chain tension adjustment
  • Water resistant construction (ipx4)

The EGO Power line of chainsaws is perfect for homeowners with debris to clean up, small saplings to remove, or small woodlots that need to be cleared out.

It is important to note that these chainsaws are not intended for heavy duty applications, but for small to medium applications, they are ideal.

The EGO Power+ CS1600 56V is simple to start, operate, and maintain. The user manual is particularly well-written and easy to follow – perfect for individuals who have never owned a chainsaw before. 

Read on to find out more about what the EGO Power+ CS1600 has to offer!


  • The 56V motor is powerful and the versatility needed to make larger cuts.
  • This chainsaw uses the same batteries used by other popular EGO Power products.
  • Ready to start with the simple press of a button.


  • The chain tends to come loose often – despite repeated tightening.

Key Features

  • The brushless motor is durable and highly efficient.
  • It comes with a generously sized 16 inch, Oregon branded bar and chain.
  • The chain tensioning system does not require the use of any tools to adjust.
  • The chain kickback brake improves overall safety and control.
  • Operation is quiet compared to similar models.

Product Review

Upon taking it out of the box, the first thing one will notice is the fact that the EGO Power+ chainsaw doesn’t follow conventional design rules.

For example, rather than being in a side-loading position, the battery of this model is located underneath the handle.


While a little off-putting at first glance, the design nicely offsets the weight of the EGO brushless motor and provides better balance when moving the chainsaw forward and backwards during cutting.

While the chainsaw’s overall balance is superb, EGO opted to use a rigid plastic area in lieu of where steel bucking spikes are typically found. This restricts the amount of leverage users can get with this chainsaw, but it doesn’t prevent cuts from being made.

The body of the EGO Power+ CS1600 56V Li-Ion Battery Brushless Chainsaw is gray with green and black accents. The ergonomic design of the saw handle is padded and easy to grip. For horizontal cuts, the chainsaw can readily be pivoted 90 degrees.

The chain oil reservoir is located on the left-hand side of the chainsaw. It’s important to note that the reservoir’s cap is not tethered, so care must be taken not to lose it. The cap has a small inspection window that will allow users to see how much oil is in the reservoir easily.

Chain Break

A highlight of this chainsaw’s design is the functioning chain brake. This feature serves a dual purpose. First and foremost, it acts as a kickback safety device. Secondly, it prevents the saw from being activated while it is being worked on.

The chain brake is typically seen only on traditional gas chainsaws, so it is a welcome addition to this cordless model.

This chainsaw packs a lot of runtime and power – thanks in part to its 56-volt platform and its 2.4 Ah battery. However, it is also due to the chainsaw’s brushless motor, which enables the chainsaw to be more efficient. The lack of brushes means that less wear and tear is placed on its internal components, and the chainsaw runs cooler overall.

Cutting Ability

When it comes to cutting, a low kickback chain (plus rakers) and a 14 inch, Oregon branded bar is employed. The chain can be readily installed by taking off the side cover and positioning the chain and cutting bar in place.

No tools are needed to perform tensioning, which is done via the chain tensioning knob located on the front of the chainsaw.

Batteries take an average of 40 minutes to charge. Each EGO Power+ CS1600 56V Li-Ion Battery Brushless Chainsaw is accompanied by a 5 year, limited warranty from the manufacturer.

EGO Power+ CS1401 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included, Black
  • Speed: 6800 rpm
  • Chain kickback brake
  • Chain tension adjustment
  • Water resistant construction (ipx4)

Thanks for Reading!

The convenience, simplicity, and sheer power of the EGO Power+ CS1600 make it one of the best battery powered chainsaws on the market.

Because it is a cordless model, there is no mixing of fuel or need to winterize to consider.

Some reviewers have complained about the lack of steel bucking spikes, but it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the chainsaw.

An added bonus is that this model is compatible with the batteries used for other EGO products, so if you are already using them, then this chainsaw will be ready to use right out of the box.

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