FlowZone Battery Powered Backpack & Rolling Sprayer Review

Creating a lush lawn and attractive landscaping around your home can often be quite the chore. Having a sprayer in your lawn care arsenal can make the job much easier and minimize the amount of time it requires.

Modern sprayers are capable of distributing weed killers, pesticides, and fertilizer, in addition to other products. If you are looking to invest in one, a quick Internet search will show you that there are dozens of different models to choose from.

To make the job a bit easier, we’ve chosen to review one of our favorite backpack sprayers: the FlowZone Battery Powered Backpack & Rolling Sprayer.

This backpack style sprayer has a generously sized four-gallon tank that does not require any pumping at all. If you are unable to carry it, or simply do not want to, then it can be moved around with an included rolling dolly. When fully charged, its commanding battery will power the sprayer for up to 45 minutes. The 18-inch extension watch enables you to treat those hard to reach places that would be out of range for most other sprayers.

Read on to find out more about what the FlowZone Battery Powered Backpack & Rolling Sprayer has to offer!


  • Because the lithium ion battery can provide 45 minutes of continual spraying power, it eliminates the need to pump the sprayer manually.
  • The sprayer can be carried backpack style or moved via a rolling dolly, which makes it ideal for homeowners with varying physical capabilities.
  • A battery charger is included with your purchase.


  • The spray nozzle can be difficult to take apart when you need to change nozzles.


  • This model has an impressive 15-foot spraying distance that will simultaneously maintain a constant pressure of 45 psi.
  • Because the sprayer is capable of spraying more than 7 gallons of product per battery charge, it is guaranteed to get the job done twice as fast as other comparable brands.
  • There are two handy nozzle attachments to choose from: an adjustable short nozzle cone or an 18-inch extension wand.


Since its introduction to the market in 2016, this sprayer has become a cult favorite – for good reason! What makes this sprayer so attractive is its versatility. Not only can it be used to distribute lawn care products and fertilizer, but it can also be used to clean and seal surfaces, prevent ice from building up, and more. This model was designed specifically to meet a diverse range of needs and applications.

The sprayer tank can be carried backpack style, or it can be rolled around on a dolly – a feature that has been highly praised by buyers. The backpack straps are adjustable and padded for additional comfort. The wheels of the dolly are wide set so that it can easily traverse rocky terrains.

The battery is lithium ion, and when fully charged, the manufacturer states that it can provide up to 45 minutes of continual spraying action; however, many reviewers have estimated that the unit will provide closer to 60 minutes of spraying action. A battery charger is included, and it has a charging indicator light that will turn itself off once the battery has fully charged. Additional batteries must be purchased separately.

The tank’s design has been carefully thought out and executed. It is crafted from a translucent, polyurethane that features volume level indicators. There is a convenient on/off switch that will prevent pressure and liquid backflow buildup. The hose filter and input filter are designed to prevent the pump from coming into contact with solids should any accidentally make their way into the tank. The tank is capable of carrying four pounds of product, but the efficient design of the sprayer will allow it to distribute 7 gallons of product before the battery runs out.

Reviewers have praised the model’s nozzle options and the fact that spray patterns can be adjusted for different applications. The coiled hose extends up to 6 feet.

Unfortunately, no hose extensions are currently available; however, FlowZone does plan to introduce them in the near future. The pigtail hose that connects the sprayer wand to the tank boasts sections of coiled wire inside that prevent kinking at the connections. The sprayer has a spray distance of up to 15 feet.

Overall, the FlowZone Battery Powered Backpack & Rolling Sprayer has enjoyed solid reviews from buyers. The primary complaint against this model has been that it can be difficult to take apart the spray nozzle when you need to change the nozzle attachment, but these complaints have been few and far between.


With its affordable price point and excellent design, the FlowZone Battery Powered Backpack & Rolling Sprayer offers a great investment for a homeowner who wants the versatility it offers without paying a small fortune.

FlowZone offers a two-year, limited warranty from the manufacturer. With no pumping, no lifting, and a generous tank capacity, this sprayer will capably service yards up to an acre in size.

Author: Matt Hagens

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