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Keep Your Pressure Washer Alive: 5 Things To Avoid!

Keep Your Pressure Washer Alive: 5 Things To Avoid!

Purchasing a pressure washer or power washer can be an expensive investment, but it gets even more expensive if you don’t properly take care of your machine!

So, the last thing you want to do is not maintain or check your pressure washer and create costly fixes. There are many little things here and there that you should do to maintain and protect your equipment from damage and ware.

Here are 5 simple things to keep in mind when you are trying to keep your pressure washer alive as long as possible.

1) Don’t Forget to Prepare Properly For Extended Storage

When you’ve finished using your pressure washer for the season, you will likely be putting it away in storage for an extended period of time.

If you just put your machine away without doing any storage prep work, you will have more work to do when you go to get it started when pressure washing season comes back around.

To prevent storage damage, add a fuel stabilizer. This will keep your water pump from freezing and keep it lubricated.

Or if you have an electric power washer, make sure the cord is wrapped neatly.

2) Don’t Use The Wrong Cleaning Fluids

Using the wrong chemical cleaning fluids in your pressure washer can do some serious chemical damage if you aren’t careful.

So, make sure you are using the proper cleaning agents before you begin pressure washing. To make sure you are using the proper chemicals, do your research. Make sure you are using pressure washer safe detergents and soaps.

Also, even if you are using the correct cleaning fluids, make sure you flush the system before storing to make sure there are no corrosive chemical left in the machine.

3) Don’t Let Pressure Build Up

Though pressure washers are designed to produce pressure, they are not really designed to contain it.

Essentially, you need to maintain your machine and use your machine properly, so pressure does not build up inside and destroy your system. To do this, make sure to leave your spray nozzle open when the unit is running, so pressure doesn’t build in the hose, do not let grime build up on your filters, and use enough water.

If you do not follow these suggestions, you will have some costly repairs on your hands.

4) Don’t Forget to Clean System After Use

To prevent buildup and damage in your pressure washer, it is important to flush your machine after every use.

No matter how long you used it for, you will need to clean and flush the systems. To clean your system, you will need to make sure you empty all the water out of the pump and the hose. If you used any chemical cleaning agents, you would need to flush the system first before you empty it.

If you do not properly clean and flush your system, the chemicals can corrode your machine; water can freeze and crack your pump and can also cause bacteria.

Moral of the story, clean your machine!

5) Don’t Start Using Without Checking Oil & Gas

When pressure washers are left for any period of time, their fluid can settle or separate and become less viscous.

Even the best gas pressure washers need the proper fuel and oil levels to work properly.

This stagnancy can cause fluids like oils and gasoline or diesel not to lubricate the system properly and cause unnecessary damage. To prevent this damage, simply add or top-off your oil and gas with some fresh oil or gas. If you oil starts to look too dark and no longer has that golden, amber-colored look, you should completely drain and replace the oil.

Power washers are very handy tools to have, but if you don’t properly maintain your machine, it will not last very long. So, learn what your machine needs and you’ll have it longer!