Lawn Care Quotes and Slogans

While hopping online to figure out how to solve your most urgent lawn crisis is always fun, sometimes you just want to find new ways to brag about how terrific your turf is. Or maybe you are having a BBQ and want to top off your repertoire of dad-worthy lawn jokes. Whatever your reasons, this article is full of delightful quotes to get you talking about your luscious lawn. 

I have spent some time collecting the best lawn brags, gags, and slogans to get business in the bag and have laid them out for you below.

Don’t forget to check out my top 5 favorite lawn quotes and some of the best business slogans. Whatever your lawn quote needs, I got you covered! 

Lawn Brags

Lawn brags are the things you love to say about your yard when your neighbors start to talk about the things they have that they are proud of. Being able to reference the progress your lush lawn has made in a way that is humorous could give you the edge you need in a classic one-up battle.

Make sure to go easy and use it in jest, or you will come across as annoying, and no one wants that.

Is your lawn the best on the block, and do you want others to know it? While your lawn nemesis down the street may have gotten the newest mower, you have grass so vibrant it makes theirs look dormant. If you need the right words to get your dig in at the next neighborhood BBQ check out some of the zingers below. 

  • “The grass is always greener on our side” 
  • “A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself”
  • “A beautiful yard doesn’t have to be hard”
  • “If the grass is greener on the other side, it’s because we take care of it”  
  • “Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side… because it’s fake!”

Funny Lawn Quotes

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then, you need to come up with a funny lawn quote. Maybe it’s at a cookout or a bonfire, but having a yard-tailored joke or two can really come in handy if you are put on the spot. The actual humor of the joke isn’t as important as the fact that you did, in fact, have a joke about grass when needed. 

Lawn jokes grow on you 🙂

If you don’t know many, grab a few from here; if you know a bunch but are always looking for me, then go ahead and peruse these funny lawn quotes below. Jokes should be used in jest and not rub in anyone’s face how superior your grass is. For those quotes, pop up to the brag section above! 

  • “Kiss my grass”
  • “Every time my neighbor comes over to argue, I have the home turf advantage”
  • “Mow, Mow, Mow, your Lawn”
  • “If you think good landscaping is expensive, you should see how much bad landscaping costs” 
  • “Unkempt, more like Lawn and Order SVU”
  • “The Lawn Ranger rides again”
  • “No alarm clock? Mow problem”
  • “Education is important, but mowing is more importanter”
  • “They see me mowin… they Hatin”
  • “Kick some Grass”

My 5 Best Lawn Quotes

The best quotes were ones I thought captured the joy and competition that comes from taking care of your lawn. Whether some humor or a subtle brag, these quotes strike me as ones most people could use at a get-together in the backyard.

There are also some really catchy business slogans that could be an inspiration to any future landscape companies. Enjoy the top 5 best lawn quotes I found:

1. Slogan“Messy Lawns Wanted”
2. Funny“Been There Cut That” 
3. Brag“The Grass is Greenest Where it is tended” 
4. Slogan“More Stains More Gains”
5. Funny“I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won”

Clever Lawn Businesses Slogans

Starting a lawn care company can be hard, and word of mouth is the main way to advertise. having a catchy name and slogan can help you stay in people’s minds longer and have them reaching for your card when lawn trouble strikes. Plan ahead by picking a slogan they will never forget. 

These business slogans might give your lawn care business the edge it needs to outgrow the competition. If you know someone fishing for lawn care slogans or are interested in starting your own company, feel free to use these catchy phrases. 

  • “We’ll Make your Neighbors Green”
  • “Beautiful Lawns Grow Here”
  • “Take our Card for a Greener Yard”
  • “Weeding out the Competition” 
  • “Your Short-Cut to a Stellar Lawn”