Can Pasta be Composted?

Can Pasta be Composted

Pasta is a very commonly eaten food in households all over the world. With any type of pasta, there is a good chance you are gonna mix it with different food items and meal types. When it comes time to discard the pasta, you might not be sure what to do. No matter how much … Read more

Are Toilet Paper Rolls Compostable?

Are Toilet Paper Rolls Compostable

As many of us set out to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill, a quick audit of regularly used items reveals that toilet paper rolls go fast. Depending on the size of your family and their diet, you may go through one or more rolls a day, even if 1 roll … Read more

Can Cherry Pits Be Composted?

Can Cherry Pits Be Composted

Of all the fruits on all the trees, stone fruit is my absolute favorite. Of those delectable fruits, cherries are my all-time jam. But when I get to the pits, they become far less enjoyable. On occasion, a sudden bite down on cherry stones can be unpleasant and even crack a tooth. Before you swallow … Read more

Can You Compost Tortillas?

Can You Compost Tortillas

Tortillas are delicious and versatile menu items that are found in kitchens all over the world. These nutritious staple is affordable and comes in large packages. I find I often don’t eat everything I get from the store, and after a few days, I end up tossing half the pack. Recently I got to thinking … Read more

Why Do I Have Maggots in My Compost?

Why Do I Have Maggots in My Compost

Composting is an art and a science that always keeps you guessing. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened a compost bin or lifted a lid to see some new decomposition agent chowing away at the pile. Beetles, wiggler worms, and flies are always somewhere in the pile, breaking down food scraps … Read more

What Kind of Compost Can Chickens Eat?

What Compost Can Chickens Eat

Whether you have just a couple of chickens or a large flock, they’re great composters for much of your food scraps and yard trimmings. A dedicated compost heap can feed your chickens, or it can supplement their normal diet. The nutrient-dense materials help the chickens stay healthy and produce flavorful, nutritious eggs while also creating … Read more

Why Can’t You Compost Walnuts?

Why Can't You Compost Walnuts

I’ve always loved how, when raking up the plant litter scattered across your yard, you come across some interesting things. When I was a kid, I would go to my grandma’s house, the one with the 2 towering black walnut trees, and help around the garden. My first job was, you guessed it, raking! The … Read more

Can Compost Worms Eat Bread?

Can Compost Worms Eat Bread

There are so many food scrapes to add to a worm bin to keep our wriggly composters happy and healthy. Fruit, vegetable peels, and other food scraps can all be tossed to the worms, where they will turn them into beautiful worm castings. It really doesn’t matter whether it is rotten food, moldy food, or … Read more

Will Coffee Filters Compost?

Will Coffee Filters Compost

Perhaps you just finished brewing a strong cup of coffee to kick off a good day. As you’re cleaning up your coffee-making setup, you notice the coffee filters. Perhaps you begin to notice how many filters you go through every year, especially if you consume coffee daily (or several times per day).  You probably toss … Read more

Do Compost Bins Attract Flies?

Do Compost Bins Attract Flies

A compost pile is fantastic and makes turning kitchen waste into soil a breeze. When a compost bucket in the kitchen is full, and you take it out to dump it in the compost heap, it feels good to know that you are reducing waste going to the landfill and working to build soil for … Read more

What To Do With Your Old Compost From Pots

What To Do With Your Old Compost From Pots

When you have raised beds, potted indoor and outdoor plants, as well as a lawn and garden to maintain, you may have a lot of soil turnover throughout the year. As you move plants around from pot to pot and spot to spot, you don’t have to throw away the old compost or soil. As … Read more

What Does Healthy Compost Look Like?

What Does Healthy Compost Look Like

Few things in life are as rewarding as being able to sustain your garden on compost you created. The hours spent collecting, sorting, piling, and mixing have finally paid off, and you now have healthy compost. Before adding it to your gardens, you will want to find out how to tell if your compost is … Read more

What Compost Is Good For Roses?

What Compost Is Good For Roses

Roses are beautiful, albeit finicky, plants common in gardens throughout the United States. While they’re a typical pick in gardens and flowerbeds, roses can be tricky to grow. The plant may grow but not bloom. Or, the entire plant may fail to thrive, eventually shriveling up and dying in your garden.   Luckily, you can do … Read more

How Long Do Grass Cuttings Take To Compost?

How Long Do Grass Cuttings Take To Compost

As we take care of our yards throughout the growing season, we remove a considerable amount of waste. The grass clippings, leaves, and branches all add up quickly, especially when you collect them throughout the entire season. So, what should you do with them if you decide against burning them or tossing them in the … Read more

How Long Does Unopened Potting Soil Last?

How Long Does Unopened Potting Soil Last

I can’t tell you how many times I have bought bags of potting soil for some gardening project or another and left it in my shed for over a year. Usually, I get around to using it eventually, or I throw it into the compost when I need more soil. Sometimes when I use it, … Read more