Does Fescue Go Dormant in Summer?

Dormant Lawn

A common concern is whether fescue grass, a popular cool-season turfgrass, will go dormant during the summer months. Understanding the fescue’s dormancy behavior is crucial for lawn care and maintenance, as it can help you prepare for the effects of the sweltering heat and potential drought conditions. Fescue grass, which includes varieties such as tall … Read more

Zoysia Grass Problems & How To Address Them

Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia grass is known for its hardiness and ability to withstand various weather conditions and foot traffic.  However, like any type of grass, it has its fair share of issues that you, as a homeowner or landscaper, may encounter at some point in time. One common issue you might face is the slow growth rate … Read more

How Much Water Does St Augustine Grass Need?

St. Augustine Grass

Watering is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and lush St. Augustine grass lawn. This type of warm-season grass is native to subtropical regions and requires sufficient water to thrive. The real question is, how much water does St. Augustine grass actually need? Quick Answer: St. Augustine grass needs about 1 to 1.5 inches … Read more

How to Make Bahia Grass Thicker: Simple Steps Explained!

How to Make Bahia Grass Thicker

Bahia grass is a popular choice for lawns, pastures, and turf, especially in warmer climates. Known for its drought resistance, hardiness, and ability to grow in various soil types, it’s a top pick for homeowners and landscapers alike. One common challenge, however, is ensuring that Bahia grass grows thick and lush, avoiding the sparse or … Read more

7 Common Tall Fescue Grass Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Tall Fescue Grass Problems

Tall fescue is a popular pick among homeowners in the northern United States. It’s a hardy, cool-season grass that manages to thrive in various conditions, so it’s a solid choice to create a beautiful lawn. However, tall fescue isn’t without its problems. It’s prone to all the same things as other grasses, from weed infestations … Read more

Can You Mix Zoysia and Bermuda Grass?

Can You Mix Zoysia and Bermuda Grass

When creating a lush, green lawn, homeowners often consider combining different grass types to achieve better results. Zoysia and Bermuda grass are popular choices due to their tolerance to heat and drought conditions. Key Points: However, when it comes to mixing these two grass types, there are various factors that need to be taken into … Read more

Does Zoysia Grass Grow in Shade?

Does Zoysia Grass Grow in Shade

Emerald zoysia grass is a popular warm-season grass in the southern United States known for its vibrant green color and thick, lush growth. While it can tolerate heat and drought, many homeowners wonder if it can grow in the shade of trees. Key Points: The answer is yes; Emerald zoysia grass can grow in partial … Read more

Will Bermuda Grass Grow In Sand?

Bermuda Grass

When many folks think of soil, they think of rich, dark soil that effortlessly supports plant life. However, while this soil is prevalent in some areas, soil types range drastically based on location. So, what happens if you have sandy soil? Will your Bermudagrass lawn grow or thrive in your sandy yard? Let’s find out. … Read more

Does Bermuda Grass Grow in Shade?

Does Bermuda Grass Grow in Shade

Lawns have the difficult task of balancing sunlight for healthy lawn growth and shade for enjoyment and the results of trees and structures. Some plants need direct sunlight all day to thrive, whereas others are more shade tolerant and can get away with fewer hours of sunlight per day. When choosing grass for your new … Read more

How To Remove Thatch From St. Augustine Grass

How To Remove Thatch From St. Augustine Grass

When I am preparing my turf of St. Augustine grass for speedy summer growth, I go through a little checklist. One box on my list is always to check the thickness of the thatch layer. I like to think of thatch as our lawns plaque and dethatching as a yearly trip to the dentist.  While … Read more

How Long Does It Take Ryegrass To Germinate

How Long Does It Take Ryegrass To Germinate

Before we jump into the germination time frame of ryegrass, let’s cover a few basics. First off, ryegrass is an excellent seed choice for starting a green lawn if you live in an area with cold winter temperatures. It is a hardy grass type that will come back each year depending on what kind of … Read more

Can You Mix Centipede And Fescue?

Can You Mix Centipede And Fescue

Achieving a stunning lawn isn’t as simple as some might think. Planting grass seed or laying sod are time-consuming projects that can cost hundreds of dollars. So, it’s no surprise the folks do their research and want to get it right the first time.  Perhaps you’re starting from scratch, or maybe you need to fill … Read more

How To Kill Bermuda Grass

How To Kill Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is one of those grasses that, depending on your location in the U.S., is either the best possible lawn grass in a very dry climate or is a weed that must be destroyed at all costs. What is Bermuda Grass? Here is a good guide from Pennington:  All You Need to Know About Bermuda … Read more