Should I Scalp My Lawn In The Fall?

Lawn In The Fall With Leaves

The golden hues of fall leaves often inspire homeowners to turn their attention to their lawns, seeking that perfectly manicured look before winter sets in. Among the arsenal of lawn care techniques, scalping – cutting your grass extremely short – stands out as a topic of debate. Is this drastic haircut the secret to a … Read more

Is My Grass Dead or Dormant?

Dormant Lawn

Brown, dry-looking grass might prompt you to ask yourself, “Is my grass dead or just dormant?” Dormant grass appears brown and lifeless, but it’s actually in a state of temporary hibernation as a survival mechanism. Cool-season grasses can go dormant during hot, dry summer months, while warm-season varieties may become dormant in the colder months. … Read more

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn in Summer?

Zero Turn Mower

A beautiful lawn not only adds to the appearance of our home but also provides a lovely space for us to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family One of the essential aspects of lawn care is mowing, but how often should we mow our lawn in the summer to keep it looking its best? … Read more

Can You Walk on Your Lawn After Aeration?

Aerating Lawn

Aeration is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn, and as a homeowner, you might wonder about the best practices after this process. One question that might come to your mind is whether or not you can walk on your lawn after aeration. Aeration involves creating small holes in your lawn’s soil to alleviate … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Mow a Lawn?

Push Mower Mowing Lawn

Mowing your lawn can be a quick and easy task or a time-consuming chore, depending on various factors. The time it takes to mow a lawn is influenced by the size of your yard, the type of mower you use, and your personal mowing speed. Quick Answer: Mowing time depends on lawn size, mower type, … Read more

How to Get Rid of Moss in Your Lawn for Good

How to Get Rid of Moss in Your Lawn for Good

With spring’s arrival, lawns around the United States are beginning to turn green and emerge from winter dormancy. But while your turf grass might start to thrive, moss might take the warmer conditions and ample moisture as a green light. Key Points: Moss can be a beneficial addition to your lawn, but it’s nothing but … Read more

Types of Lawn Moss and Why They Matter

Lawn Moss

If you have a lawn stretching out in front of your home, you know the importance of maintaining a healthy lawn. Key Points: However, lawn moss may sometimes encroach on your lawn, disrupting the pristine expanse despite your best efforts. Some moss varieties stick out like a sore thumb, boasting reddish stems and grey-green leaves, … Read more

How to Use Moss as a Natural Ground Cover

How to Use Moss as a Natural Ground Cover

Moss. While the thick, tangled carpet can be a nuisance in some cases, it makes the perfect ground cover in others. It’s low maintenance, natural, and beautiful, offering a unique aesthetic to any outside space. It can even handle light foot traffic, making it a suitable substitution for finicky turfgrasses. Key Points: But aside from … Read more

17 Reasons Why A Clover Lawn Is Better Than Grass

Reasons Why A Clover Lawn Is Better Than Grass

Are you tired of spending endless hours maintaining your grass lawn? Do you want to make a positive impact on the environment while still having a beautiful and healthy lawn? Then it’s time to consider switching to a clover lawn! First, What is a Clover Lawn? Clover lawns have been gaining popularity in recent years … Read more

Can You Weed Whack Wet Grass?

Often we only have one or two days a week that work out for us to do our lawn chores. Ideally, the weather will be perfect, and the chores easily completed giving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your weekend. But what happens when the weather doesn’t agree with your plans, and … Read more

How to Get Gravel Out of Your Grass

How to Get Gravel Out of Your Grass

Nothing is more annoying than looking into your lawn and seeing a clump of gravel on your precious turf. Whether deposited by an animal, vehicle, pedestrian, or storm, that pile of rocks needs to be taken care of. Key Points: Gravel in the grass is unsightly, unmowable, and can lead to the death of turf, … Read more

The Environmental Benefits Of Using A Lawn Care Subscription Service

Beautiful Home Exterior

Like many products on the market today, lawn care products can contain harsh ingredients that wreak havoc on the environment. From contaminating groundwater to disrupting aquatic ecosystems, lawn care products can be a harsh choice for the environment. Key Points: So, what should you do if you’re hoping to choose a more environmentally friendly approach … Read more

How Lawn Care Subscriptions Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Lawn Care Subscriptions Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There’s no doubting the importance of curb appeal and excellent first impressions. When someone pulls up in front of your home, you want them to get an excellent first impression, especially if you’re trying to sell your home. Key Points: You can boost your home’s value by a whopping 17 percent by improving its curb … Read more

What To Expect From Your Lawn Care Subscription Service Provider

What To Expect From Your Lawn Care Subscription Service Provider

Lawn care subscription services are becoming a popular alternative to the tedious research associated with selecting lawn care products and a cheaper alternative to full-service lawn care providers. They eliminate the guesswork, ensuring you get the products you need when you need them. Key Points: If you’re considering becoming a lawn care subscription customer, there … Read more

What Services Are Included in A Lawn Care Subscription?

What Services Are Included in A Lawn Care Subscription

With spring looming on the horizon, many homeowners are scrambling to find the best lawn care products to kick off the season with a bang. Choosing the right products can give your lawn the boost it needs to start the growing season with vigorous, healthy growth, so selecting the best fit is essential. Key Points: … Read more