How Hot Does a Shed Get in the Summer?


As the summer months approach, temperatures outside begin to rise, and this can greatly affect the conditions inside our sheds. Sheds are often used for storage, workshops, and even living spaces, but how hot can they really get during the scorching summer days? Quick Answer: In summer, a shed’s inside temperature can exceed the outside … Read more

How to Stop Grass from Growing Through Rocks

Grass from Growing Through Rocks

Having a beautifully landscaped yard with rocks can create an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance outdoor space. However, one common challenge in maintaining such areas is the persistent growth of grass through the rocks. This unwanted grass can ruin the clean look of your rock landscaping and can also compete with desired plants for nutrients and … Read more

What Are Some Deer-Resistant Plants That I Can Use in My Landscaping?

What Are Some Deer-Resistant Plants

Are you tired of your beautiful garden becoming a buffet for local wildlife? Look no further! Key Points: We’ve got the scoop on the best deer-resistant plants to keep your garden thriving without sacrificing its natural charm. Especially in areas with high deer populations, these plants are a must-have for any gardener or homeowner. It … Read more

What are Some Natural Deer Repellents That I Can Use in My Garden?

Deer Eating Garden Plants

For many gardeners, especially those residing in quieter, rural areas, deer pose a significant problem. They munch their way through gardens, leaving a wake of destroyed plants, flowers, and vegetables. It doesn’t take long for them to wreak havoc on your hard work, quickly ruining your carefully cultivated garden. Key Points: As beautiful as these … Read more

How to Make Mulch Glue: A Simple Step-by-Step DIY Guide

How to Make Mulch Glue

It can be exceedingly hard to keep mulch and gravel in your garden beds and landscaped areas in place. From disturbances like leaf blowers to foot traffic, it seems like our ground covers and borders are always getting knocked around. I have often longed for a product to stick mulch in place and eliminate this … Read more

How to Cut Steel Landscape Edging?

How to Cut Steel Landscape Edging

Landscape edging can keep crawling grasses contained, add aesthetic value, and separate different types of rocks and soil media from each other. But once it has been positioned and planted around, replacing and repairing it can be tricky. To avoid having to sort out the edging restoration dilemma every 3 to 4 years, choose superior … Read more

Will Landscape Fabric Kill Grass?

Will Landscape Fabric Kill Grass

Of all the garden tasks that I dislike, weeding has to be the top of them. I try to avoid using weedkillers as much as possible, as chemical herbicides have a tendency to accumulate in the soil and harm beneficial plants and animals. Of the few effective chemical-less weed suppression techniques, landscape fabric is one … Read more

How to Stop Tree Stump from Sprouting?

How to Stop Tree Stump from Sprouting

Sprouts or suckers can pop up out of the ground around the trunks, stumps, and roots of living and dead trees. In time, certain types of stubborn stumps and tree roots might send up new growth. Invasive plants can grow from fresh-cut stumps for many months, and an effective method of sprout removal is needed.  … Read more

What is the Lowest Temperature Lemon Tree Can Handle?

What is the Lowest Temperature Lemon Tree Can Handle

Citrus trees aren’t typically known for their tolerance to cold temperatures, but some, like the Meyer Lemon, can survive a frost or two. When colder temperatures are approaching, it is essential to pay attention to how cold each of your citrus trees is allowed to get. It takes many years to get a good batch … Read more

Can You Trim Crepe Myrtles in the Fall?

Can You Trim Crepe Myrtles in the Fall

Crape myrtles or crepe myrtle are resilient trees that do well across the nation. They are best known for their brilliant blooms that herald in the summer and their low-maintenance demeanor. In most cases, this tree needs only the slightest pruning to keep it producing bountiful blossoms all summer long.  Just because these trees are … Read more

How To Blow Leaves Out of Mulch Beds

How To Blow Leaves Out of Mulch

When it comes to clearing leaves from your yard, some areas make for a quicker job than others. The leaves laying in the grassy sections can be quickly disposed of with a lawn mower. There are rocky paths that you can’t mow, but you can rake, and the tight corners and corridors may require swift … Read more

How To Keep Mushrooms From Growing In Mulch

How To Keep Mushrooms From Growing In Mulch

If you are here, you have seen those little mushrooms popping up in your mulch. While it may seem pretty cool that you can grow mushrooms at first, once they start getting out of control, they may not seem so cool. Especially if these little squatters are hazardous to your kiddos or animals. Fungi, a … Read more