Should You Water Your Grass Everyday? Important Factors to Consider

Should You Water Your Grass Everyday

Some lawns seem to take care of themselves by running on a timer and spraying sprinkler water all over the place, keeping the grass hydrated and green. Based on the temporary puddle of runoff common after a lawn watering, it seems like these systems are active every day. If commercial properties are apparently watering grass … Read more

How Soon Can You Water After Applying Tenacity?

How Soon Can You Water After Applying Tenacity

I have found that very few weed killers on the market can compete with a selective herbicide of Tenacity‚Äôs caliber. Tenacity, a word that means to be able to grip something firmly, surely accomplishes that as a weed killer that clings to undesirable weeds and inhibits photosynthesis. When I need a turf-safe and effective weed … Read more