Do You Water In Prodiamine 65 WDG?

Prodiamine 65 WDG

As the seasons change and the grass begins to grow, using Prodiamine 65 WDG as a pre-emergent herbicide is a popular choice for maintaining a healthy lawn and garden. Key Points: It helps keep those pesky weeds at bay, leaving your lawn and garden to flourish and create beautiful greenery around your home. But like … Read more

Why Is My Grass Turning White In Some Spots?

Grass Turning White In Some Spots

A green lawn is a good sign that everything is growing well, and with the exception of dormant periods should be the main color of our turf. Key Points: Explosions of other colors, like blues, can indicate weeds or flowers popping up, and yellow or brown out of season may show stress, but overall your … Read more

Will Muriatic Acid Kill Grass And Weeds?

Will Muriatic Acid Kill Grass And Weeds

Acids can be helpful in lawn and home care, but like many products, they can also be dangerous, both to human and plant life. Some strong chemicals like hydrochloric acid can lead to terrible chemical burns and are only suitable to be used in controlled professional environments will the proper safety gear or strong acids … Read more

Does Gasoline Kill Grass and Weeds?

Does Gasoline Kill Grass and Weeds

In recent years there has been a surge of advancements in electric lawn and garden equipment that has produced battery or outlet-powered machines that run superior or on par with traditional fuel-driven machines. Almost entirely gone are the days when lawn maintenance requires you to carry a bottle with gasoline inside to top off your … Read more

Does Diesel Fuel Kill Lawn Weeds? The Science Behind It

Does Diesel Fuel Kill Weeds

Killing weeds is a great American pastime and something everyone has an opinion about, and most, a nifty trick or two. Older people will have tricks and techniques that, while once upon a time were common practice, may not be such a good idea anymore. When it comes to which herbicides to use in our … Read more

What Herbicide Kills Hairy Bittercress?

What Herbicide Kills Hairy Bittercress

While a healthy lawn can fight off most weeds, there are some particularly aggressive annual weeds that spring up early and race to get more ground than your own lawn’s turf. Whenever my warm-season grasses are slow to grow or where bare spots have appeared in cool-season yards, the hairy bittercress weed can pop up … Read more

How Do You Kill Quackgrass Without Killing Grass?

How Do You Kill Quackgrass without Killing Grass

Quack grass is also known as common couch grass and can be a bane to many lawn owners who have issues with warm-season weeds. A patch of this grassy weed can choke out desirable grass, pop up in flower beds, and even take over the entire lawn. An invasive weed with upright grass blades that … Read more

Does Triclopyr Kill Grass?

Does Triclopyr Kill Grass

Getting rid of weeds in your lawn can always be a tricky business. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the active ingredient for an herbicide. Systemic herbicides can be effective on broadleaf plants yet will not always affect aquatic weeds. For complete control of all weeds, there are options like round-up that … Read more

Can You Pull Nutsedge?

Can You Pull Nutsedge

Growing and maintaining a beautiful, even lawn is hard work. Although it might look effortless, countless hours of meticulous care go into growth and maintenance. So, when weeds pop up in the pristine expanse, it’s frustrating.  Nutsedge is a common problem in lawns and gardens and can be incredibly complex to manage and eliminate. If … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Carpetweed

How To Get Rid Of Carpetweed

Weeds are rarely welcome visitors in pristine lawns and gardens, although some weeds look deceptively like beautifully planted flowers. Weeds tend to be tough and resilient, holding your lawn or garden in a chokehold and smothering new grass and plants. Carpetweed, a common summer annual weed plaguing lawns and gardens, can be tricky to get … Read more

When to Apply Hi-Yield Pre-Emergent And Grass Stopper?

When to Apply Hi-Yield Pre-Emergent

I hate weeding! Even with these excellent lawn-weeding tools, I still loathe the idea of spending my spring, summer, and fall fighting to free my lawn from unwanted plants. You can imagine my elation when I discovered pre-emergent herbicides. Finally, a product I can apply to my lawn before the weeds ever have a chance … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Bromegrass

How To Get Rid Of Bromegrass

Brome grass is one of the top forage crops for livestock, often mixed with fescue in grazing pastures, but it’s also a common weed that spreads from agricultural fields to neighborhood lawns. Like crabgrass and dallasgrass, hearty brome is difficult to deal with since it blends in with your existing lawn. Here, we’ll go over … Read more

Is Dithiopyr Safe For Dogs?

Is Dithiopyr Safe For Dogs

Enjoying my freshly cut lawn with a cold glass of lemonade while my puppy gleefully plays in the grass is one of my favorite summer pastimes. However, the only way I can have both a healthy lawn and a healthy dog is if I use pet-safe weed control techniques. Dithiopyr is a popular pre-emergent herbicide … Read more

What Happens If You Put Down Too Much Prodiamine?

What Happens If You Put Down Too Much Prodiamine

We have to be careful when using herbicides: too little won’t be effective enough, but too much can damage the grass you want to keep. That’s why it’s important to follow the directions closely and apply weed killer in the right amounts and with the right method. When it comes to prodiamine, it’s safe to … Read more