How Often Do I Need To Water New Grass Seed?

Taking care of the tiny grass seeds that are trying to take root in your lawn isn’t as simple as dumping a few buckets of water over the top and calling it good. Instead, watering new grass seeds requires a much more precise process. 

We’re not trying to scare you – we don’t mean you need to measure precise amounts of water and sprinkle one here and there. It’s not as technical as a science experiment, but you do need to be careful.

So, if you’re trying to grow a lawn that will draw the envy of all your neighbors, here’s how often you should water it. 

How Often Should Grass Seed Be Watered Until It Germinates?

New Grass and Roots

Successfully growing grass seeds can be a lengthy, drawn-out process. However, most of this time is simply growing time that doesn’t require much work on your end. Of course, you’ll need to water the new seeds, which is essential for germination. 

Water Before Planting

Before you even plant your grass seed, make sure you prepare the soil properly, with the correct soil and fertilizer. If you have compact soil, this process is even more important.

After you prep the soil, water it to a depth of six to eight inches. Deep watering is essential for these next steps. If you’re unsure how to measure the depth of water penetration, simply grab a long screw or pencil (or the equivalent). If the screw pushes six to eight inches without much resistance, the water saturation is solid. 

Water New Seed Right Away

Once the seed is in the ground, make sure you water it right away. If you have a sprinkler system, use this (it’s a great way to achieve even watering, providing it works properly). Water the grass seeds for about five to ten minutes to moisten the first several inches of soil. 

Now that the seed is in the ground, it’s essential to keep the soil from drying out. Maintaining moisture in the soil is imperative, as dried-out soil will kill the seeds. 

Water New Seeds A Few Times Per Day

After the initial watering, make sure you keep the soil moist. Generally, watering once or twice per day will cut it, but dryer climates will require more frequent watering. For example, if your area is excessively hot or dry, you’ll probably need to water it two or three times per day to ensure proper moisture levels. 

The best time to water new grass seeds is in the morning and evening. These tend to be the coolest parts of the day when the heat or sunshine won’t evaporate the water before it absorbs into the ground. 

A water timer is a great way to ensure your grass seed is watered when needed without the hassle of forgetting. While you can water with a hose, heavy sprays of water can cause pitting in the soil and inconsistent water pooling. So, a sprinkler is a great way to avoid this and achieve consistent coverage. 

A rectangular sprinkler is a solid pick for larger areas, while a small spot sprinkler is perfect for smaller lawns. 

Can You Water Grass Seed Too Much?

Yes, you can overwater grass seed. If you overwater the new seeds, you’ll create waterlogged soil, which suffocates the new seeds. So, it’s essential to water enough to keep the soil moist, but not so much that you drown the new seeds. 

On top of that, you need to be careful that you don’t water the seeds too often. The same thing happens as overwatering all at once. Water the seeds frequently enough, but not so much that you end up with pools of water on your lawn since you left the sprinkler on for an hour (you get the point). 

How Long Will It Take New Grass Seed To Grow?

New Turf Grass

When you water every day, several times a day, you have a front and center seat to observe the progress. While this is great, it can make it seem like nothing is happening. And, for the first few days to weeks, you might not see anything happening above the ground. 

However, beneath the topsoil, your seeds should be germinating, beginning their growing process. Once they poke above the ground, tracking the progress is much more straightforward. But, until they get there, you might worry nothing is happening. 

The total amount of time it takes for grass seed to grow hinges on a few factors so everywhere is different. Things like where you live, your climate, and the type of grass you plant all play a role in how long it takes before your new grass pokes above ground level. 

Generally, it takes anywhere from three to 28 days for new grass seeds to grow. After careful watering and a watchful eye, your grass seed will begin to flourish, bringing you the lawn of your dreams. 

How Often Do I Water My Lawn After It’s Grown?

After your lawn achieves the envy-of-all-the-neighbors look, watering becomes much more straightforward. Instead of carefully ensuring the top few inches of soil are always moist, you simply need to water the lawn deeply but infrequently. 

Developed lawns usually need about one inch of water per week during the dry summer weather. Generally, this is spaced out over two or three waterings. Water the grass deeply and less often, ensuring the whole root zone is moistened when you water. 

The watering schedule you should follow ultimately depends on your area, the climate, and the type of grass. That said, watering a couple of times per week is usually sufficient.