Scotts Sun and Shade Grass Seed Review

A beautiful green lawn offers many advantages beyond being aesthetically pleasing. For example, a healthy lawn improves soil stability via its deep and expansive root system, which reduces erosion caused by water and wind.

Likewise, a recent study from the University of Florida discovered that a healthy lawn can assist in cooling the air around your home through evapotranspiration [1]. In simple terms, it can have the same cooling effect as a 8.5 ton air conditioning compressor.

Despite the beauty and benefits that a lush green lawn has to offer, it is something that can be difficult for many homeowners to achieve. This had led to a significant increase in the popularity of grass seed mixes, like the Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix.

Each of the grass seeds included in this mixture has been carefully chosen for their ability to produce grass that will remain green in extreme weather conditions, like scorching sun or dense shade.

The Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix (see price here) is comprised of the following ingredients:

  • 9.76% Wendy Jean Creeping Red Fescue
  • 9.75% Fenway Creeping Red Rescue
  • 8.77% Citation Fore Perennial Ryegrass
  • 8.28% Silver Dollar Perennial Ryegrass
  • 6.34% Moonshine Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 2.92% Abbey Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 2.92% Right Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 50% WaterSmart PLUS Fertilizer Coating
  • 1% Inert from seed
  • 0.25% other crop seed
  • 0.01% weed seed

The Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix has earned a reputation as one of the most best grass seed mixes on the market today, but does it live up to its reputation?

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  • The seeds included in this mixture were chosen for their ability to spread rapidly to fill bare and thin spots in your lawn more quickly.
  • All seeds are coated with Scott’s patented WaterSmart PLUS Coating to absorb more water and protect new grass from disease and insects.
  • Once the seed mix has sprouted, it holds up well to high traffic and mowing.


  • Consumers have seen the weeds included in the seed mix grow faster than the actual grass.
  • The grass seed does not appear to grow well in hot and dry climates.


The Scotts brand is one of the world’s largest providers of branded consumer lawn and garden products. The brand was initially established in 1868 by O.M. Scott, and it is internationally recognized as an industry leader [1].

The mixture of seeds found in Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix has been carefully chosen for its ability to remain green in harsh weather conditions, and each seed is treated with Scott’s unique WaterSmart PLUS coating.

Not only does this coating protect the grass from disease, but it also enables it to retain nearly twice as much moisture as non-treated grass. Each bag of grass seed mix is assembled in the United States, which allows Scotts to exercise tight quality control.

For the best results, Scotts recommends first removing all old, dead grass from the areas that are to be seeded. The soil will need to be aerated, and ideally, a new layer of fresh soil should be laid down over it.

Then the seed can be laid down. Once the seeding is finished, the newly seeded soil will need to be watered three times a day for two weeks.

Reviews for Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix have been mixed.

Although the grass seed mixed is advertised as versatile, the majority of reviewers agreed that this mixture does not perform well in hot or dry climates.

For the users who did have a positive experience, new grass growth was observed an average of four days after seeding.

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The Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix (see price here) has received mixed reviews. Half of users loved it, while the other half disliked it.

As with any type of grass seed mix, there are a number of factors, like soil type and care, that can affect its effectiveness.

It is often a matter of trial and error when it comes to discovering what will work best on your lawn; however, with its affordable price tag, the Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix offers a great option with which to begin experimenting.