Tips on How to Hang a Leaf Blower in Your Garage

When the fall season comes around, seeing leaves all over the place is to be expected. While one may think that using a broom or a rake to clean them away would be enough, it is not feasible to do so every day. This is where a leaf blower comes in.

Although a leaf blower is an exceptionally handy tool, due to its size, storing a leaf blower can become problematic, especially if you have limited storage space. So to ensure efficiency and avoid any clutter, organization and a proper setup are necessary.

Can You Hang Leaf Blower in Your Garage?

A garage is one of the best places to store your leaf blower. It is a great way to keep your equipment safe from any thefts or weather issues. Several houses already have an attached or a detached garage, so no additional costs need to be incurred to store a leaf blower.

But it is equally important to ensure that your garage is not filled to the brim with various items, which will increase the likelihood of your leaf blower getting damaged.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can hang a leaf blower in your garage.


Hanging your leaf blower by the hooks is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to store it in a garage. This method will reduce the chances of the leaf blower from breaking or wear and tear and prevent people from tripping on it.

To install strong and sturdy hooks in your garage, make sure you brush up on your understanding of the tools required.

Existing Shelves

If you don’t want to install any hooks or already have shelves in place, then there is nothing better than a storage rack where you can keep your leaf blower. If you are looking to store a gas blower, then it is recommended that you do so with its engine facing downwards.

However, before you do so, remember that leaf blowers are bulky. So make sure that there is sufficient space on your shelves and that they aren’t too high.

On the Floor

If your garage has a lot of space or if you have run out of options, then keeping your leaf blower on the floor might be the only feasible option. To ensure that your leaf blower will be safely stored on the ground, keep it with the engine side down.

For this, garage organization is crucial. Make sure that you don’t leave the equipment in the middle of the garage to avoid people tripping over it all the time. Instead, clean up a corner of your garage and remove all the clutter. This will allow you to reach the leaf blower without any hassle and keep the space clean and dry.


Garage Workbench

A workbench is a large, sturdy table that is intended for manual work. If you can, install a large-sized workbench with adequate space beneath it.

This way, you can store your leaf blower in the storage space, and you can either work or keep other tools and other items on the workbench.


If your garage is filled to the brim, there’s one more space where you can store your leaf blower — the ceiling. Ceiling storage can be a great place to keep your things, provided you know how to use it.

To convert your ceiling into a storage space, you can either use hooks or a leaf blower hanger. You can also build a storage system on the ceiling with the help of pull-ropes to raise or lower your things as and when you need them.

Wall Mount Storage Rack

Just like ceiling storage, a wall mount storage rack can be set up when there’s a lack of space in your garage. Wall mount storage racks are heavy-duty, have plenty of space, and can store large-sized equipment such as a leaf blower.

Moreover, you can also use your wall space for backpack leaf blower storage and be assured that your leaf blower will be safe from any damage.

If you are looking to store more than just a leaf blower, creating wall shelves is also a good option.

Wall Mount

Another feasible option for those short on space, a leaf blower wall mount, is a type of wall bracket that can be attached to a wall – similar to how you would store a shovel. It will have a designated space for you to keep your leaf blower.

Wall mounts typically do not occupy a lot of space. However, it is important to know how to drill the walls to create a secure wall mount for your leaf blower.

How Can I Create a Shelf to Store My Leaf Blower?

If you are looking to create a homemade shelf to store your leaf blower, there are several DIY ideas you can use. You can also choose from a multitude of designs for building your rack and customize its size and the number of compartments.

Let’s have a look at the steps you can follow to make your own DIY shelf.

#1. Choose the Type of Wood

Start by choosing the type of wood you want to use to create your shelf — hardwood, plywood, or softwood.

#2. Determine the Measurements

Now that you have decided the type of wood you want to use, here comes the most important part — measurements. Use your measuring tape to calculate the vertical distance between the ceiling and the top shelf. The space you give between the topmost shelf and the ceiling should be an even number.

If you want to create a stack of shelves, ensure that the distance between two shelves is between 12 and 15 inches.

Finally, make sure that you provide enough space between the last shelf and the floor. This will allow you to store the heavier items on the lower shelves and the lighter equipment on the upper shelves while also preventing the shelf from crashing down.

#3. Divide and Install

Once you have taken the measurements, it is time to get into action. Start by cutting and dividing the wood. Then, install the ledgers for the shelves, install screws on each stud, and finally, screw in your wood.

Your shelf is now ready. Go ahead and start storing all your things.

How to Maintain a Leaf Blower

How To Maintain A Leaf Blower

Just like any other outdoor equipment, a leaf blower requires maintenance as well. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your leaf blower good as new.

Wipe it Down

Every time you use your leaf blower, make sure you clean it with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean the areas around the filter, fan blades, and carburetor. Check on the air filter on a regular basis for clogs and other debris.

Disconnect the Power

If you have a leaf blower with a battery charger or is electrically corded, make sure that you disconnect it or unplug it after every use.

If the blower gets wet, ensure that you wipe off all the water, clean it with a dry towel or cloth, and disassemble it if you can to ensure it gets more surface area for dryness.


Leaf blowers are handy tools for removing leaves that clutter your yard during the fall season but can be tricky to store.

With this list of how to hang a leaf blower in your garage, you now have several options to optimize your storage while ensuring the safety of your equipment.