When to Mow New Grass Seed

When newly planted grass seed initially starts to sprout, it will appear sparse. However, this is a sign that you have successfully prepared! your soil, planted the grass seed, and enabled it to germinate – not an easy task 🙂

In a matter of weeks, this will produce a tangle of healthy, lush grass blades. Although it might be tempting, you must avoid cutting your young grass until is firmly established itself in the soil.

Most types of grass seed have a maturation period of 30 to 60 days. If your seedlings are cut too soon, you will most likely do irreparable damage, so resist the urge.

When To Cut Your New Grass

In most instances, a minimum 4 weeks must pass (after the seeds have germinated) before you can begin thinking about mowing.

Using a push mower to cut grass produces quite a lot of compaction, which is why young grass must be provided with an adequate amount of time to gain age and strength.

Moreover, young grass is still attempting to develop a strong root system. If a mower is used too soon, its blades and wheels will pull the seedlings out of the ground, as opposed to cutting them.

Because the mower simultaneously compacts the soil, it makes it even more difficult for the young grass to put down roots.

Height Does Matter

The height of new grass is an excellent method for determining whether or not the seedlings are ready for mowing.

You should really wait until your new grass has grown at least 3-4 inches before cutting it. For most types of seed, it will take 8 weeks to reach an ideal height of 3.5 inches.

Proper Mowing Techniques

For young grass, it is critical to maintain a moist environment for it to grow; however, before mowing your grass for the first time, it is imperative first to allow it to dry for 48 hours.

This means halting all irrigation.

When the blades of grass are allowed to dry, it creates the ideal conditions for your mower to make clean cuts. When grass blades are wet, it causes them to become torn and tangled during the mowing.

If your new grass is mowed incorrectly, you may end up killing it all.

Mowing is the most important part of having a nice lawn….learn to do it correctly.

Your mower blades should be sharp, and it is crucial that you do not cut your grass lower than 2.5 to 3 inches in height.

Cutting new grass below the 2.5-inch mark can damage the grass’s infrastructure and weaken its immune system, which makes it susceptible to pests and pathogens.

Also, vary your mowing patterns. If you cut in a single direction each time you mow, the mower’s blades will push the blades of grass and cause them to become compacted into the soil.

Each pass across your lawn should be in a different direction.

What About My Established Grass?

If you already have an established lawn and have seeded only bare patches, your mature grass may be mowed while you avoid the newly seeded areas.

As the new grass starts to grow, take care to ensure that you follow the height and timing observances discussed here so that you can incorporate their mowing into your standard mowing.