Who Makes Echo Chainsaws?

When picking up new garden equipment, it makes a difference if you know who owns it and where it is made. Some countries have proven track records of delivering high-quality and reliable products for decades. Other locations of chainsaw manufacturing may have more lax production standards and result in subpar equipment. 

When it comes to gas chainsaws and battery chainsaws, there is a lot riding on the dependable performance both for completing the job and protecting the operator from injury. ECHO chainsaws have a reputation for exceptional performance. 

Is ECHO a Chinese company?

Although entire ECHO chainsaws and some of their components are manufactured in and distributed from China, the company itself is not Chinese. Echo has distribution in Japan, the USA, China, and various other smaller territories like Puerto Rico,  around the globe. While most of the parts will be manufactured and assembled in the same country, there are times when certain parts are shipped to a distribution center in another region for final assembly.

Who Owns ECHO Chainsaw Company?

Echo CS-310-16 30.5 cc Chainsaw with 16 in. Bar and Chain

Yamabiko Corporation in Japan owns ECHO Products and produces many types of gas-powered chainsaws for home and professional use, as well as other outdoor power equipment. Previously the Kioritz corporation, the company rebranded as ECHO in the late 1970s, around the same time they began manufacturing heavy-duty chainsaws. Yamabiko corporation also produces Shindaiwa chainsaws and is a well-established company globally.

The Head office for ECHO products is in Japan, but you can find assembly plants in the USA and a Chinese plant as well. There are also independent dealers and big box stores that stock these professional quality chainsaws. ECHO Incorporated in the United States and Kioritz Corporation in Japan have a strong distribution infrastructure for these products. 

Where are ECHO Chainsaws Made?

ECHO chainsaws are known for their orange color, powerful 2-stroke engine, and professional-grade, hand-held outdoor power equipment. Where your particular quality product is made and assembled depends on which country you are located in. If you are in the Western Hemisphere, chances are you will get your product from Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA.

If you are located in the Eastern hemisphere, there is a chance your equipment will be manufactured in Yokosuka and Morioka, Japan. The aggressive market in Asia also means a significant portion of chainsaw components are made at the manufacturing hub in Shenzhen, China. The Industry standard is technological advancements for cleaner, more powerful chainsaws, and ECHO is no stranger to product innovation, regardless of which country it is manufactured in. 

Is ECHO a Good Brand?

ECHO is a worldwide leader and chainsaw manufacturer that has 40 years of experience in the outdoor power equipment industry. Demonstrating industry leadership with lightweight and powerful engines, solid business operations, and proven quality performance. The parent company oversees the entire manufacturing and distribution process around the globe and adheres to consistent standards, whether in the United States, China, or Japan.

In addition to gas-powered two-stroke engine chainsaws, ECHO also sells blowers, bush cutters, hedge trimmers, pole saws, leaf blowers, and more. In 1994 Home Depot made a deal with ECHO to carry their power equipment and chainsaw components like plastic guards, air filters, chain brakes, chain bar oil, and even an extended warranty. Let’s look at the good and bad aspects of ECHO chainsaws in detail below! 

Japanese CompanyMore Expensive than Amazon Brands
US and Chinese DistributionOnly One Electric Chainsaw
Available GloballySome Internationally Shipped Parts Delayed


A Japanese company that has had a strong foothold in the outdoor space for over 4 decades. The company has demonstrated engineering proficiency and produced chainsaw features comparable to any other world-leading chainsaw brand. They only work with experienced manufacturers to ensure smooth operation and consistent standards. In the United States, it is common for the entire manufacturing and assembly to take place domestically.


There are cheaper brands of chainsaws, and some small homeowner markets will not need the power or price tag of these machines. They are not heavy in the electric power tool space and only offer one electric chainsaw option. If you have a defect or malfunction, some parts may need to be requested from plants across the ocean and may take a long time to repair. Overall it is a very reliable chainsaw for its price and will serve you well for many years if properly maintained and used correctly.