My4Sons Backpack Sprayer Review: 10 Reasons To Buy It

Backpack sprayers are the saving grace of lawn maintenance. Gone are the days of fretting over applying lawn care products, wondering if you used too much in one spot, or searching high and low for the ever-elusive spreader.

Enter backpack sprayers. They provide an easy, convenient, and consistent way to apply liquid lawn care products, ensuring your lawn remains lush and healthy without the backbreaking work of applying granular products. So, if you’re ready to switch to the convenience of a backpack sprayer, this is the one I recommend.

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I use it, and it’s great! This isn’t a full review of the My4Sons sprayer, but a few things that I love about it!

Reason 1: Durability

The M4 backpack sprayer is made with high-quality materials to ensure it lasts for years to come. Each component is designed with longevity in mind, from the updated battery setup to the dual spray wand options.

The products are assembled and quality tested in the United States, so you can move forward with peace of mind, knowing the product was tested for functionality before it even left the warehouse.

Reason 2: Versatility

While most folks buy backpack sprayers for their lawns and gardens, the M4 sprayer can be used for far more! While it works like a charm for basic lawn and garden care, here are a few more ways to implement the M4 backpack sprayer:

  • Staining wood
  • Painting or landscape art
  • Mildew or mosquito control
  • Sealing concrete
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Portable shower
  • Pet care
  • Equipment maintenance and lube
  • Special effects (mist or rain)
  • De-icing

You can get creative, using the sprayer in over a dozen different ways. Just remember to rinse and clean the tank thoroughly when switching from one application to another. After all, you don’t want to take a quick shower while camping with herbicide residue in the tank!

Reason 3: Easy to Use

With its battery-powered pump and array of nozzles, using the M4 backpack sprayer couldn’t be any easier. You don’t need to stop every few minutes to pump the handle to rebuild pressure in the tank. Instead, you simply charge the battery before you’re ready to use it, and once it’s charged, pop it in for easy use.

When you’re ready to change the nozzle, simply twist the current nozzle off the flextip or spray wand. Attach the new nozzle by threading it onto the spray wand, ensuring it’s snug to avoid leaks.

Reason 4: Comfortable

M4 Sprayer Back View

Carrying a backpack sprayer (or even a regular backpack) can be uncomfortable, especially when the pack features narrow straps that dig into your shoulders. The M4 backpack sprayer features wide, thick XXL straps for ultimate comfort as you use it.

No more worrying about the painful red marks left behind by the thin straps on a backpack sprayer – the thick, cushioned straps are designed for ergonomic comfort!

Reason 5: Large Capacity

Equipped with a four-gallon tank, this backpack sprayer has plenty of room to keep you on task without constant refills. The tank is large enough to hold plenty of water, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, or whatever else you need to spray, ensuring you don’t waste time pausing every few minutes or so to refill the tank.

Reason 6: Adjustable Nozzles

M4 Accessories

Each backpack sprayer comes with a whopping seven adjustable nozzles plus a flexible attachment for added flexibility on the wand. Here’s what each of the nozzles offers:

  • The pink cone-shaped nozzle sprays a fine mist, which is ideal for delicate plants.
  • The small brass nozzle offers a flat spray with fine droplets.
  • The yellow cone-shaped nozzle offers directional cone spray.
  • The brass double-cone nozzle sprays fine droplets.
  • The black and red nozzle offers a fan spray with medium droplets.
  • The single/double red and black nozzle offers cone spray with medium droplets.
  • The elongated brass nozzle offers cone and jet spray settings, easily adjustable during use with a simple twist.

Reason 7: Chemical Resistant

The M4 backpack sprayer is designed to resist chemicals like fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and any other chemical you might need to use. It holds up well over time due to its design, but it’s essential to flush the system thoroughly between chemicals, as creating a DIY chemical cocktail in your backpack sprayer might yield confusing results.

For example, maybe you’re trying to water your delicate plants with a gentle mist, but a few days later, they randomly die. And then it hits you – you forgot to flush the chemicals out of the tank before switching to water! To avoid unwanted results, be sure to clean the system with at least a gallon of water before using it for something else.

Reason 8: Efficient

While hand sprayers and other sprayers can get the job done, backpack sprayers can be a much more efficient option. You don’t need to haul the tank around in one hand as you work like you would with a backpack sprayer. Plus, since the tank is battery-powered, you don’t need to stop and pump it after every few minutes to continue using it.

And on top of that, the tank has a four-gallon capacity, with plenty of room to keep you on task for a long while.

Reason 9: Cost Effective

The M4 backpack sprayer is an all-in-one bundle, even if you choose the base package. The system comes with an automatic 70 psi pump with adjustable pressure for plenty of spraying power, a rechargeable battery with indicator lights, and a DC charger to recharge your battery when it needs it.

On top of that, the heavy-duty tank comes with a watertight seal, a reinforced hose, and two spray wands for varying applications. In addition, the system features seven nozzles for varying spray options, so you don’t need to go out and buy separate spray nozzles.

Plus, the system is compatible with various popular battery brands, including DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, and Black and Decker. So, if you already have them, you can easily switch out the battery when it dies without investing in a new battery from the company! It’s a win-win!

Reason 10: Customer Support

M4 Sprayer

MY4SONS offers excellent customer support to ensure its customers have everything they need to efficiently use the backpack sprayer. From detailed videos outlining answers to common questions on its website to phone, text, and email support, MY4SONS has you covered!

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