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What are the Best Lawn Edgers? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What are the Best Lawn Edgers? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a new lawn edger?

You’ve come to the right place. My buyer’s guide will help you decide how to choose the edger that best suits your needs.

Do you need an electric, battery powered or gas?  Is a pole or push model better for your needs?

Our Top Lawn Edgers:

  • BLACK+DECKER LE750: In my opinion, the best combo of power, features, and price for most homeowners
  • WORX WG896: budget friendly choice from top brand, precision cut & adjustable shaft length
  • ECHO PE-225: the best gas powered stick edger on the market, commercial grade quality & power
  • Craftsman CMXGKAME30A: very powerful 4 cycle 30cc engine, produces less noise, perfect for small to medium sized yards
  • Greenworks 27032: great electric lawn edger, reliable brand, lightweight & simple to use

Lawn Edger Reviews

1) BLACK+DECKER LE750 Corded Electric Edger

BLACK+DECKER LE750 Electric Lawn Edger


  • Very affordable price
  • ​​​​Powerful 12 amp motor
  • Includes a replacement blade


  • Too lightweight to offer stability when edging uneven surfaces
  • Not as durable as gas models

The LE750 from BLACK+DECKER packs serious functionality into its lightweight frame.

Despite the fact that this is an electric edger, it’s engine is powerful and efficient and manages to generate more than enough power to tackle mosts tasks.

It’s small, but mighty engine features 2.25 HP, 150 in-lbs of torque and 4,700 RPMs. The depth of cut is adjustable, with three different settings, which makes this edger a viable option for edging, trenching and other tasks such as exterior lighting or invisible dog fence installation.

This edger also features industry-leading safety features. Starting the edger is as simple as pulling the trigger, and as soon as the trigger is released, the blade stops.

The handle is well designed, providing ample control and leverage for left and right-handed users. Best of all, it comes in at an extremely attractive price point.

The LE750 is capable of managing lawns large and small and is my choice for the best edger for most homeowners!

2) WORX WG896 Electric Push Edger

WORX WG896 Corded Lawn Edger


  • 12 amp motor offers plenty of power
  • Cutting line indicator makes cutting perfect lines easy
  • Adjustable shaft height


  • Plastic axle is susceptible to breakage
  • Not compatible with 3-pronged extension cords

The WORX WG896 is simple to use and adjustable to multiple heights which makes it great for people of all heights.

It features a 12 amp, 4700 RPM motor, and three different blade height adjustments. The engine is powerful enough to handle nearly anything you can throw at it.

There are also many intuitive features that make this model a strong choice. The shaft of the WG896 is adjustable to accommodate users of any height, and a cutting line indicator helps ensure a perfectly cut edge every time.

The handle swivels to accommodate left and right-handed users, and at 14 pounds, it’s easy for anyone to maneuver.

3) ECHO PE-225 Gas Powered Stick Edger

ECHO PE-225 Gas Edger


  • Powerful, gas powered model
  • 21.2cc, commercial grade engine
  • i-30™ starting system makes starting easy


  • More expensive than electric models
  • 2 stroke gas requires mixing fuel and oil

The ECHO PE-225 edger is a commercial grade product available for homeowners.

If you are a looking for one of the most powerful, durable edgers on the market, this may be the perfect model for you.

It has a 21.2cc engine which allows it to cut through dirt and turf with ease. The adjustable guide wheel makes it easy to push through longer grass while keeping the blade square to your cutting line.

If you can afford it and are ok dealing with gas, this edger is great choice for homeowners looking to up their edging game!

4) McLane 101-4.75GT-7 Push Lawn Edger

McLane 101-4.75GT-7 Push Lawn Edger


  • Extremely powerful push edger with 5.50 gross torque
  • Made in the USA
  • Powder coated frame to resist corrosion and rusting


  • Drive belts can burn if not maintained
  • Time consuming to assemble

If you are looking for one of the most powerful edgers on the market, be sure to consider the McLane 101-4.75GT-7.

The McLane 101-4.75GT-7 is a gas powered push edger designed for heavy duty jobs requiring lots of power.

It is heavy and not easy to maneuver, but it will cut through just about anything. Although, it’s wide rubber tires help to push through deeper grass or rough terrain.

It will allow you to create new flower beds or the perfect edge along your sidewalk or driveway with ease.

The cutting head is machined and it uses sealed bearings on a 2” x 9” spring steel blade. Another really nice feature is it can cut both vertically and horizontally.

5) Greenworks 27032 Corded Electric Edger

Greenworks 27032 Corded Electric Edger


  • Budget friendly
  • 12 amp motor provides plenty of power
  • Cord lock feature prevents accidental disconnects


  • Not as durable as comparable products
  • Too light to hold a straight line in some instances

The Greenworks 27032 is a very budget friendly priced edger.

It works great for smaller yards and simple projects. Don’t expect it to have the same power or cutting ability as a gas powered model, but it is very effective at general edging maintenance.

It has a 12 amp motor which is plenty for most people and has a adjustable depth.

The handle is also adjustable to accommodate users of all heights.

As long as you have the right expectations of what a electric edger is capable of doing – this model will fit the bill.

Tips on Using a Lawn Edger

Using a lawn edger is pretty straightforward and hang of it quickly. These tips will help you get started correctly.

  • Safety first – When edging, always wear long pants and protective eyewear to protect your legs and eyes from shooting debris.
  • Stay close to the concrete – When you’re edging a sidewalk or curb, you’ll want to keep the edger’s blade as close to the concrete as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of edging the lawn back too far, which won’t look at clean and professional.
  • Keep it even – When cutting your edge, try and keep that grass even with the rest of the lawn. This will help contribute to a professional looking edge.
  • Edge often – You’ll ultimately end up saving yourself time and frustration by edging your lawn each time you mow. This way, any undergrowth that has developed since your last mowing can quickly and easily be trimmed away.

How to Determine the Best Lawn Edger to Buy

When it comes to narrowing the field of lawn edgers, you’ll want to ask yourself some basic questions.

  • How large is your property? Is there a lot of edging that needs to be done?
  • How meticulous are you about your landscaping?
  • Do you need to edge around curbs or uneven areas?
  • Do you use a landscaping service for certain things, or do you do all your landscaping yourself?

For those of you with a large piece of property or a significant amount of edging to do, a gas-powered model is likely best for your needs. Those with smaller yards and less edging will usually find that a battery or electric powered edger will do the trick.

If you’re planning on edging your lawn along a curb or other uneven surface, you may want to look into a four-wheeled model, as opposed to a three-wheeled model, or a stick edger. This will provide you with the most stability to get the job done.

If you occasionally or regularly use a landscaping service, you may be able to have them take care of your edging at the beginning of each season with a heavy-duty four-wheeled edger. That way, you can just invest in a stick edger to take care of any overgrowth that develops throughout the season.

Depth of Cut (Blade Length)

When searching for an edger, try to find one that will allow you to adjust the cut depth. This will allow you to tailor your edger to the exact needs of your property and will provide you with the cleanest and best looking finished product.

It will also allow you to go over rocky areas and not dig too far into the ground. I adjust my depth when I go over the area where my dogs electric fence is buried.

Pole (Stick) Vs. Walk Behind

When it comes to edgers, there are two styles available: pole and walk behind.

A pole edger, also known as a stick edger provides the user with complete control over the edger. They’re very easy to maneuver, which makes them a strong choice for yards that have custom shaped flower beds or other landscaping.

They’re also less powerful, but fine if you already have an edge in place. If you are starting from scratch, you may need a walk behind edger.

Walk behind edgers are the most powerful type of edger, and due to their power and weight, they’re typically structured similarly to a small lawn mower and feature either three or four wheels.

The rear wheels of a walk behind edger move the edger forward or backward, while the front wheel(s) stabilize the edger blade and allow you to create a clean and straight edge.

A three-wheeled edger typically provides more than enough stability and control for most applications. But, if you’re planning on doing edging along curbs, you may want to look into a four-wheeled model, which provides the most stability and control of all, especially when edging along curbs.

Often, a walk behind edger is used at the beginning of the season to put in a nice clean edge. Then, throughout the season a pole edger is used to trim any additional overgrowth.

What Type of Power?

A major consideration you’ll need to make when choosing an edger is the power type. There are several different options available. Depending on your needs and the size of your lawn, you’ll be able to determine the type of engine that’s best for you.

Electric (Corded)

Electric powered edgers are a popular option for many different reasons.

They’re lightweight and easy to maneuver. They are also quieter than gas-powered edgers and don’t produce pollution.

Electric edgers are typically the easiest to use, and they feature less moving parts than a gas engine, which helps make electric edgers among the most durable available.

On the downside, electric edgers usually don’t offer quite the same power that a gas edger does.

For people with a small or moderately sized yard that requires minimal edging, an electric edger or trimmer is usually the perfect fit.

But, if you’re responsible for edging a huge property where using an extension cord isn’t practical, or if you’re looking for the most powerful edger you can buy, an electric edger may not be your best choice.


The most popular style of edger is the gas-powered variety. Gas powered edgers provide the most versatility and power, and they’re favored by most homeowners, as well as professional landscapers as well.

Because gas edgers feature larger engines and a gas tank, they’re generally heavier and require more strength to use.


A battery-powered edger is a convenient alternative to electric models. Unlike an electric model which must be plugged into power to work, a battery edger uses a portable battery to power the edger.

Since there’s no cord to get in the way, a battery-powered edger is nearly as versatile as a gas powered edger. They’re generally heavier than electric models, but not quite as heavy as a gas powered edger.

Battery powered edgers are a popular option for small yards without much edging to do. At the same time, these edgers will start to lose power as their battery drains. For this reason, battery-powered edgers aren’t very popular for large jobs or yards that require a higher powered edger.

Plus, ask anyone who uses a battery-powered edger and they’ll be quick to tell you that few things are more frustrating than realizing you forgot to charge up your battery.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

How much you should expect to pay for an edger is going to be different based on your individual needs, like the size of your property, how often you’ll be using your edger, and how versatile you’ll need your edger to be.

For most people, an edger in the $75-$250 price range will provide all the power, functionality and versatility you’ll need.

Once you’ve evaluated what you need from your edger, you’ll be able to pinpoint the amount you can expect to pay for an edger more accurately.

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Models

As you shop for an edger, you’ll probably notice a wide variance in the price of different models.

In some cases, these shifts in price can indicate a high-quality product, but that isn’t always the case. Many value-priced edgers will serve your needs every bit as well as an expensive model full of different bells and whistles.

Many of the features you can expect to see on more expensive models offer added convenience, but not much additional functionality.

For example, a popular feature of expensive gas edgers is a push-to-start function. While this feature makes the edger extremely easy to start, it doesn’t make the edger any better at doing its actual job.

However, certain features, such as a larger engine, improved battery life or higher quality cutting blades have a profound effect on the finished product of your landscaping, and you may find that it’s worth the extra money to get some of these features, which are more typical with expensive models.

Like many aspects of the buying process, the additional features you’ll find in more expensive models are largely matters of personal preference. You will be able to create a beautifully edged landscape with a cheaper model almost as easily as you can create with the most expensive edger on the market.

Keep in mind that the type of engine the edger uses plays a huge role in determining the price of the edger. Gas powered edgers are typically the most expensive, whereas battery powered or electric edgers are more affordable. 

How to Maintain Your Edger

For the most part, your edger will require very little maintenance. There are a few small things you can do and precautions you can take to ensure that your edger continues to run in top condition for many seasons.

  • Check the engine oil before each use – This is a critically important maintenance step for all landscaping tools, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure that the oil is at the proper level and change the oil frequently to ensure the edger offers top performance on every use.
  • Check your air filter – Considering how much dirt and debris your edger is going to be operating in; you’ll want to check the air filter frequently and change it as needed to ensure your edger is in top shape.
  • Check your blade – It’s no secret that a sharp blade offers the cleanest cut. So, you’ll want to check your blade regularly to make sure that it’s sharp, and that it’s free of any burrs, nicks or other imperfections that’ll compromise the edgers ability to cut. If your edger’s blade is worn, replace it as soon as possible.
  • Keep it clean – Edging a lawn is a dirty job. After a few uses, you’ll notice that your shiny, brand new edger isn’t quite as shiny and brand new looking as it used to be. Spending a few minutes cleaning up your edger is a great way to avoid larger, and more costly problems down the road.


BLACK+DECKER Edger & Trencher, 2-in-1, 12-Amp (LE750)
  • 12-amp high torque motor of the edger trimmer tackles tough overgrowth creating a defined trench
  • Exclusive pull-up edge guide of the edge trimmer converts from edger to landscape trencher
  • Three-position blade depth adjustment of BLACK plus DECKER edger lets you control the cut
  • Built-in cord retention keeps extension cord secure

My choice for the best edger for the average homeowner is the BLACK+DECKER LE750. It is priced right and powerful enough for most jobs. For the money, it can’t be beat.

Picking the perfect edger for your lawn doesn’t need to be a difficult undertaking. You’ll be able to quickly and easily select the best edger for your situation once you consider the features you need, the budget you have, and the type of engine that’s best for your yard.

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