Can You Apply Ironite And Fertilizer At The Same Time?

What Is Ironite?

Ironite is a type of supplemental fertilizer that is applied to lawns to make them greener. The ingredients of ironite include iron, manganese, potash, nitrogen, and urea, among other minerals.

Ironite can re-supply plants suffering from nutritional deficiencies with the required nutrients like nitrogen, iron, calcium, and sulfur. The undernourished plants, which have become yellow, return to their original color and become healthy again.

To apply ironite to your lawns, you need to first measure the length of your yard in square feet. If you apply ironite according to instructions, the supplement provides 0.1 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet. It is recommended that you do not apply more than two pounds of ironite for every 1000 square feet of your lawn.

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Can I Apply Ironite and Fertilizer Together?

One of the most commonly asked questions by gardeners and gardening enthusiasts is whether they can apply ironite and fertilizers together. The answer is yes. You can apply both ironite and fertilizers to your lawn at the same time.

However, since ironite is a supplement, you should first be aware of whether your plants or the grass, in general, are deficient in certain nutrients or not. Unnecessary use of ironite will only be detrimental to the health of your plants.

What Are the Benefits of Ironite?

Since iron is an essential micronutrient that aids the growth of plants, its deficiency can hamper the development of your lawns.

For instance, the leaf of a plant in your garden might contain 2 percent manganese but only 0.005 percent iron. As a result, the plant cannot carry out the process of photosynthesis due to the absence of chlorophyll in the required amounts. This will result in poor growth of the plants and give them a yellowish color, indicating a deficiency of iron.

Another reason why you might need to apply ironite with fertilizer is to maintain the pH balance of the soil in your lawns. When the pH level of soil exceeds 6.5, iron becomes unavailable in the soil. This iron deficiency is another reason why your plants do not grow as expected.

By adding ironite to the soil, the plants will be able to absorb iron in a soluble form, increase their growth, and reduce the soil’s pH level to below 6.5.

How To Use Ironite on Your Lawns?

Here are easy directions you can follow to apply ironite to your lawns:

Step 1

Start by measuring the area of your yard. You can do this by using a measuring tape to assess your yard’s width and length. Make sure you calculate the area in square feet by multiplying the length with the width.

Step 2

If your lawn has been divided into small areas, add the individual areas of your property to calculate the total area. For instance, if your front yard has an area of 1000 square feet and the backyard measures 7000 square feet, then the total area of your lawn is the sum of the areas of the front and back lawn, which is 8000 square feet.

Step 3

Once you have measured the area of your lawn, determine the amount of ironite you will need. Since a regular 10 lb bag of granular ironite can cover an area of 1000 square feet, an 8000 square feet lawn will require around 8 bags of ironite.

Step 4

Before you begin applying ironite, check the weather forecast for the day. If the weather predictions say that it is going to rain heavily, it is recommended that you avoid applying ironite to your garden at the time.

Step 5

If the weather conditions are favorable, place the ironite in your fertilizer spreader. Then, adjust the settings of the spreader according to its make and model. For example, a rotary spreader spreads fertilizer using a rotary wheel, while a drop spreader spreads the granules using a hopper or a container.

Once you have adjusted your spreader, go ahead and spread the ironite on your lawns.

Step 6

Water the ironite fertilizer by using either a garden hose or a sprinkler.

Once you’ve applied ironite, you might wonder how long does it take ironite to work? That will depend on the condition of your grass. If the grass in your lawns is yellow, then it will take about two weeks for you to see any results. However, if your grass is green, then the results will show quite fast.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

Ironite Tips

You now know why ironite is important for plants and soils, whether you can apply it with fertilizer, and how to apply it. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before you apply ironite to your lawn.

How To Protect Yourself While Applying Ironite?

While applying ironite to your lawns, it is crucial that you protect yourself, as direct skin contact with ironite can lead to rashes or other infections.

So make sure you wear long pants, shirts with long sleeves, and gloves. Once you have applied ironite to your lawn, thoroughly wash your hands and any exposed parts of your skin. Also, do not forget to wash the clothes stained with ironite separately from the rest of your laundry.

Another important point to note is to keep other people and pets away from your lawn till the ironite has completely dried off. Since ironite includes mercury, if your pet accidentally ingests ironite, it can lead to serious health consequences.

You can also check the product label of the ironite packaging to know what its contents are and whether they pose a health hazard.

Can You Put Too Much Iron on Your Lawn?

Ideally, it is recommended that the application rates of ironite should not be more than one pound of iron for every 1000 square feet of your lawn. One pound of iron provides almost 0.7 ounces of iron to your plants.

Make sure that you do not apply ironite in excess since the ingredients of the ironite can burn your lawn. Ironite includes urea nitrogen that has the potential to burn grass as it dissolves quickly into the wet grass.

Other than urea nitrogen, ironite also consists of ferrous sulfate that can also burn your lawn when applied in excess or when spread over wet grass. Thus, it is recommended that you do not apply ironite to your ironite after a heavy downpour.

In case you end up applying excess ironite to your soil, immediately remove the extra fertilizer by scraping it off. Then, thoroughly sprinkle water on the remaining fertilizer so that your lawn does not get burnt.

Is Ironite the Same as Fertilizer?

Ironite is a supplement for plants and the soil. It compensates for the deficiency of iron in your plants and restores the pH balance of the soil. However, it is not a substitute for fertilizers.

How Often Should You Apply Ironite?

Typically, ironite should be applied at least four times a year. It should be used as a supplement to fertilizers. And make sure you do not apply ironite more than ten times a year.

When Should I Apply Iron to My Lawn?

Iron is a form of mineral supplement and should be applied to your lawns when your plants are deficient in iron. It can also be applied when the pH level of your grass is too high or too low.

The best time to apply iron is during the spring season when the temperature is between 60℉ and 70℉. Avoid applying iron when the temperatures are too high and ensure you don’t use it in excess.


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Ironite offers several benefits, such as providing iron to plants that are deficient and maintaining the pH levels of the soil. Ironite comes in granular form as well as liquid form and can be used more than once a year. However, make sure that you do not use ironite in excess to avoid any inadvertent damage to your lawns.

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