The Benefits Of A Lawn Care Subscription For Busy Homeowners

Cultivating a luscious, thick, green lawn is harder to do than many folks think. Countless hours of work go into preparation, growing, and care for the bright expanse, making it more work than you might have time for.

While you can’t rush the growing phase, and maintenance (hello, mowing) is always necessary, there is a way to simplify the care part of the process.

Key Points:

  • Lawn care subscription services are the ideal solution for busy homeowners who don’t have time to research and select products for their lawns.
  • Subscription services typically start with a soil sample, allowing the lab to evaluate your soil’s needs for healthy grass growth.
  • Popular lawn care subscription services include Lawn Bright, Sunday, Lawn Box, Lawn Serv, and Scotts Program.

How so?

Enter lawn care subscription service.

These services are the perfect solution for busy homeowners who don’t want to pay for a full-service lawn care company but don’t have the time to research and select products to ensure your lawn gets the products it needs when it needs them. Ready to learn more about how a lawn care subscription can be the ideal fit for busy homeowners?

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What Is A Lawn Care Subscription Service?

Lawn care subscription services are a rising star in the industry, offering convenient perks for homeowners across the nation. Most of these subscription services mimic the ins and outs of nearly any other subscription service, except they supply lawn care products.

The products may include weed control, pest control, fertilizer, grass seeds, and more. It all depends on the subscription service you choose and the quality of your lawn soil. The products arrive at your door when you need them, ensuring your lawn remains on schedule and in its best shape.

How Do Lawn Care Subscription Services Work?

The specific workings of each lawn care subscription service vary based on the provider you choose. Each provider offers its own take on the process, with different pre-subscription steps, products, and more.

Most subscription services start with a soil sample, allowing the lab to evaluate your soil’s needs to promote healthy grass growth. Once you send in the soil sample, the team will complete the necessary testing and hand-select products best suited to your lawn’s needs.

From there, the products ship straight to your door throughout the growing season, ensuring you have what you need when it’s time to apply.

Customers usually have several payment options, including annual, seasonal, and per-shipment packages. The annual package is often the most cost-effective, whereas the per-shipment option is the most costly.

What Lawn Care Subscription Services Are There?

Given the rising popularity of lawn care subscription services, it’s no surprise that new companies are popping up all over the place. The most popular companies include Lawn Bright, Sunday, Lawn Box, Lawn Serv, and Scotts Program.

Read our guide here for our take on the best lawn care subscription services.

4 Perks Of Lawn Care Subscription Services For Busy Homeowners

Green Lawn

Between work, family, friends, and everyday life, the days seep into weeks, ebbing into months before you know they’re gone. The chaos and business of life can cause you to get behind (or forget entirely) about your lawn.

Maybe you completely forgot about fertilizing your lawn, and now it’s a sad, pitiful expanse. Or, perhaps your weed control schedule became a thing of the past, and now the lawn is overrun with weeds. We get it – it happens!

This is where a lawn care subscription service can help. Here are four perks of these services:

No Research Necessary

If you’re a busy homeowner, there’s a good chance you don’t have the time to sit down at your computer for research. The research phase of lawn care is essential, as you need to understand what nutrients your lawn needs and when it needs them.

On top of that, you’ll need to know the best kinds of products for your soil, grass, and climate, as some are better fitted to specific scenarios than others. While this information can be easy to find in some scenarios, it can feel like a wild goose chase in others.

With a lawn care subscription service, you get to skip the headache of researching the best products and when to apply them. Instead, you enter the necessary information, send a soil sample, and wait for your curated box of products to arrive on your doorstep.

They’ll use the information you provide to supply the products your lawn needs when you need them. Looking for all-natural or organic lawn care products?


Need a weed control product to keep those pesky dandelions under wraps? Check! Need a fertilizer to give your lawn a boost of nutrients?

You got it!

It’s as simple as that! No poring over your computer with a dozen tabs open, trying to find the best products specific to your lawn’s needs. Simply provide the necessary information and a soil sample; your lawn care subscription service provider will do the rest!

What You Need, When You Need It

Scheduled deliveries are one of the best parts of a lawn care subscription service. Most lawn care subscription services offer a tailored approach to your lawn care, shipping the products as you need them.

Of course, some providers ship the products all at once, supplying a suggested application schedule instead, but many of the best providers take a curated approach.

Some providers, like Lawn Serv, even utilize algorithms to monitor your lawn to ensure you get what you need. They keep an eye on factors specific to your lawn, including local weather and various environmental factors, to ensure it has everything it needs to thrive.

The company bases its products on analysis, so you’ll get products based on the season, yard size, location, and soil composition.

Every lawn care subscription service provider has a slightly different approach, which varies based on your chosen provider. However, most of the best providers offer curated care to ensure your lawn receives the products it needs when it’s time to apply.

Delivered Straight To Your Door

While running to your local home improvement store for lawn care products might not seem like a big deal, it can be an overwhelming addition to an already-lengthy errands list. Plus, you run the risk of the products you need being out of stock, which will require an extra stop at another store to check for the product.

It can be a hassle, especially if your day is already packed with errands. This is where your lawn care subscription service comes in. Not only are the products pre-determined for you, but they also ship straight to your door!

Skip the headache of traipsing around town for the lawn care products you need, and instead opt for a convenient delivery service! Of course, stopping at the home improvement store isn’t a big deal if you have extra time, but if you’re already pressed for time, this small change can make a big difference!

Easy Application

Most lawn care subscription services provide easy-to-apply products for optimal convenience. While the product type varies based on the provider, most are relatively easy to apply without a stockpile of extra equipment.

Generally, lawn care subscription service providers offer products in two forms: liquid or granular. Some providers offer both, while others stick to one over the other.

In most cases, you’ll need a spreader to apply granular products, which will usually cost you about $75 or less (for a decent model).

Alternatively, the product might come in liquid form. Most providers offer a convenient connection tool to secure the liquid pouch onto your garden hose for easy application.

Conversely, some providers integrate a plastic nozzle into the liquid pouch design for quick and easy application. It’s as simple as securing the pouch to the hose and turning on the water!

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